Western Dental / fraudulent billing practices

Buena Park CA, United States

I started some dental work earlier this year. Just a replacement crown which cost $930 total. But I was late on a couple of due dates and they charged me $25 per incident. Last month in June on the 22nd, I was notified by someone in their corporate office that I would be charged another late fee if I didn't catch up with my agreed monthly payments of $60 per month, due the 18th. I agreed on the 22nd to come in the following Friday(June 24th) and pay them the sum of $120 - which I walked in the Buena Park office and paid cash. They gave me a receipt and I promised to pay the remaining balance of $55 on the following Friday (July 1st) I walked in the payment and paid $55 - but today's mail brought another notice from Western Dental that I had incurred another late fee on the 2nd of July--due to the fact that they hadn't received my $55 payment. So they sent me notice stating I OWED them an additional $25 on top of the so-called missed payment THAT I HAD PAID ALREADY ON THE 1ST OF JULY! They are trying to jack-up the final total price of the one lousy partial crown that they say I needed at the time my tooth was removed. Since I am on S.S. and S.D.I., I have a very limited income and I need them to stop harassing me with these over-charges that they claim are past-due, when I believe I have already CAUGHT UP and DO NOT OWE THEM ANY PAST-DUE FEES OF ANY KIND> I have kept all my receipts and called them in an effort to get them to straighten out my balance--they just keep calling and calling and mailing me PAST DUE NOTICES AND ADDITIONAL LATE CHARGES ALMOST EVERY WEEK!! PLEASE HELP - It's their BUENA PARK Office located on Lincoln. Here is my acct # - [protected] - Karl Carrasco Cell# [protected]

Jul 08, 2016

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