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Hi there my name is Ruby Kambo-Patel I am writing to complain about a recent flight with your airline. Our flight time was changed today with only a 6 hour notice. We had a scheduled flight at 8:55pm booked but we were notified at 3:00pm that our plane had mechanical issues and that we had the option of taking a new flight in the morning or at 6pm that same day. We opted for the 6pm flight because our trip would be delayed had we taken the morning 9:45am flight. My husband and I both had to leave work early, rush home, grab our 2 children and elderly grandparents and rush to the airport to catch the 6pm flight. On the plane the flight attendants said to be seated and we would worry about our seat placement once we boarded all the members on the plane. Our seats were all over the place!! My 8 and 11 year old children were seated in middle seats with no parents around them!! I asked 2 women to switch seats and both said no and that they didn't want a middle seat. My husband asked a gentlemen to switch ...he did but only after first saying he didn't really want to because he didn't want to sit in the middle seat. My husband had to wait until the flight was in the air to ask the flight attendants to help us sort this out as no one we asked was willing to switch. The flight attendants said it is too late and now that the flight is in the air there isn't anything that can be done.
This situation is unbelievable!! I can not comprehend why a 8 and 11 year old would be placed in center seats with strangers around them and not their parents who are on the same flight. I can not comprehend why the flight attendants couldn't just make an executive decision and get people to switch seats esp in this particular situation involving our 2 young children.
Something needs to be done about this situation so that it doesn't happen again to another family. I will not be flying west jet in the near future again until this situation is resolved.

Aug 04, 2018

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