West Elm / complete incompetence at every level

Portland, United States
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Phone: 888-922-4119

So, I have had about 4 miserable years of doing business with West Elm. They get things right about 15-20% of the time.

My most recent experience involved me calling the local store to see if a desk was in stock. They checked after a long hold, and said "yes, come on down to get it." I drove downtown, found parking and waited in line, only to be told "oops, we don't have it all." So, I complained, ordered the desk online with the manager that was 'in stock', waited 23 days for the delivery of my 'in stock' desk to find out the hardware wasn't included. I called about this to be told that the hardware is back-ordered and that I wouldn't get it for another 24 days. They offered me 10% off the order, which to me illustrates how little they care about their customers and how unwilling they are to rectify their mistakes.

I will never do any future business with West Elm and will go out of my way to tell people how painful their experiences are.

I have never seen a company so disorganized, incapable and unconcerned about their customers experiences.I recommend avoiding them at all costs.

May 19, 2015

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