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West Asset Management / Scam and cheating!

Atlanta, GA, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 877-411-7197

WAM, sent me the following letter as initial communication. The debt was 'sold' by the hospital. WAM has all 'rights' to the debt. The settlement offer overshadows the validation process as well as circumventing or by-passing medical privacy rights. FDCPA violation § 809 Validation of debts. The letter is clear that they are acting as a 'mediator' between myself and the hospital. False and misleading, I don't have any outstanding claims with any hospital. It was written off as a bad debt and WAM owns it and has no color of authority to release me from any claims hypothetical or otherwise in the first place. Violation of FDCPA § 807 False or misleading representations; also violates Florida Consumer Collection Practices act (FCCPA) ss 559.72 as well as the Florida Deceptive and Unfair Trade and Practices Act (FDUTPA) ss 501.201

Lastly, it addresses my spouse. Normally this is allowable under HIPPA but not by Florida State law. This is a clear violation of F.S 456.057(12) in part; The third party to whom information is disclosed is prohibited from further disclosing any information in the medical record without the expressed written consent of the patient or the patient's legal representative. The operative words being 'any' and 'expressed written' a very very long arm statute that trumps anything WAM tries to use as safe harbor. See HIPPAs CFR 45 § 160.202 definition of 'more stringent'. Also, see Pogue v. Diabetes Treatment Centers of America Civil # 99-3298.

Don't let this company deceive you as it relates to medical collection or the hospital.

I have already sent my ITS to Mr. Mussman the vice president of West Corp. in Nebraska (their parent org) Anyone here from WAM have a name to send my summons to in Marietta, GA? C'mon don't be shy, evasive and reluctant like you are on the phone over 10 times.


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  17th of May, 2008
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Name: West Asset Management, Inc.
Phone: (888) 433-2886
Fax: (770) 618-3042
Address: PO Box 2547
Sherman, TX 75091-2547
Principal: Lisa Wilson, Compliance Manager
Customer Contact: Lisa Wilson, Compliance Manager - (888) 516-3287
  29th of Aug, 2008
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Recently I've got a call from West Asset Management company. The caller was asking me about my debts and other related things; but was silent about himself. I was bit confused because without knowing a person I can't give my personal credit information to anybody. Then I disconnected the phone and searched about the number on web. I found good information here:

  5th of Nov, 2009
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west asset managment - fraud
west asset managment
South Carolina
United States

they put something on my credit report that i did not know i owed and i called and ask for a copy of bill and was tiold i was not getting one and to pay up. i called the creditor and found that it was a bill i owed and paid it and the creditor agreed that i did not know about the bill. but as of 2 weeks later it is still on my credit report.it has hurt my credit by a 100 point drop. i am going to find a lawyer to see what my next step is.
  7th of Jul, 2010
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WAM hounded my wife for 3 months about an emergency room visit that occurred 3 years ago. They said we owed $450.00 and would not tell us why, just that the medical center asked them to collect the money. So I contacted the hospital and inquired about the debt. The hospital showed a zero balance. The hospital accountant audited the records and found that no debt was ever recorded for my wife.

The hospital had no record of ever calling WAM. Also, the WAM agents would never give the name of an idividual or a certain department. The hospital accountant finally called WAM and informed them that we were debt free. I called WAM the next day and was informed that our account had been closed and marked as paid in full.

I kept telling them that we never received a bill for that amount and that there was a mistake. But of course, they never checked it out. They were going to make me pay the full amount. And seeing that the hospital wasn't trying to collect it, and there is no record of a hospital employee contacting them..., who do you think the money was going to go to? Beware of this company.
  4th of Aug, 2010
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I am a member of Experian's Triple Alert(SM) Credit Monitoring service and have just received a "Potentially Negative Information" alert from them on July 29, 2010 posted to my Experian Credit report. That was six days ago and that new info listed West Asset Management as the business name who filed a $307 collections notice against me. I never heard of this business so I Googled them and was able to submit my complaint to them directly online that same day. Today is Aug. 4, 2010 and I received another alert 'hit' from my credit monitoring service which shows a NEW account being posted, again, by WAM for $307 now on my Transunion credit report! I've contacted Experian's Fraud Resolution group and was given a case number to refer to when a member of their team contacts me. As of today, WAM has still not contacted me regarding my original direct complaint to them before they posted this second disturbing notice which I know nothing about.
  7th of Sep, 2010
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West Asset Management - check
West Asset Management
7171 Mercy Rd.
United States
Phone: 4025467075

It's not really a complaint but a query. I received a check from these people, but have no knowledge of the company. So I checked online and found the word scam over and over again. According to the date posted I did send a 50 dollar check for a medical bill I owe. So my question to you is it o.k. to cash the check or is it some kind of scam to automatically debit my account. I have been caught before like this so I'm quite apprehensive about cashing unknown checks. Thank for any help you can give me.
  15th of Sep, 2010
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pay your bills... don't get calls... problem solved
  7th of Jan, 2011
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West Asset Management uses terror tactics to collect debts and refuse to work with you on a payment plan. You either the amount they decide on, or they go straight for garnishment. I offered a little bit smaller amount and they sold no, and told me to sell my house.
  7th of Jan, 2011
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check spelling - good idea ...they said (not sold) NO, and told me to sell my home and live where?? The street?? If you don't agree to their amount, they will say fine, then you refuse to pay. NO, that's not what I was saying. And the people they were collecting for say on their website regarding payment plans - "reasonable and affordable to you" - meaning me!

You have some poorly paid person down South just trying to keep their job and earn an income anyway possible, I get that. But tactics like this are just plain wrong.

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