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Werner / Driving truck

1 Jacksonville, AR, United States

I was a former passenger on a Werner truck, my wife Jesse, is a former employee of Werner, alot of what has transpired I witnessed first hand, they push their drivers too hard, too much, they pushed my wife past the point of exhaustion, damn near caused her to have a heart attack multiple times, the drivers are extremely underpaid per mile, not to mention the fact that payroll would come up with a million and one excuses not to pay her what she earned, they constantly ripped her off as far as bonuses go. The third party payroll company Werner uses cheat drivers out of their pay including bonuses, my wife would have only 2 to 3 hours left on her hours of service driving time, and they would try to make her keep going saying she could make it when in fact the destination either shipper or consignee would be approximately 5 hours away, she would cry from being mentally and physically exhausted, I would have to get on the phone and tell them that she was done for the day...when it comes down to brass tax about Werner Enterprise, they DO forced dispatch, they DO push drivers past their breaking point, they DON'T like to approve hometime, they DON'T like to get drivers home when hometime is approved, my wife tried to get me to come on with Werner, and I told her no, I told her several times there was something about Werner I didn't like, and unfortunately my suspicions proved to be accurate... Werner is NOT, I repeat, NOT a good company to sign on with, my wife never received orientation pay or a sign-on bonus, this company does NOT back up their drivers, they DON'T listen to their drivers, for compensation, all they did was tell my wife, and I quote. "Be glad you got a damn job, and don't make waves or you will be terminated" end quote, they treat their employees (drivers) like cattle, they run the terminals like a gestapo, it's like being ruled by Hitler, I would strongly recommend anyone getting trained for a driving job, or signing on with a company, avoid at all cost, go to great lengths, go as far away as possible to NOT even with the most minute of a first, second, or third thought NOT to go with Werner, they will screw drivers over and over, I would not go with Werner, not even as a last resort, if it came down to me joining Werner or starvation, I would choose starvation hands down, it's not rocket science, they will put their own personal needs ahead of your own

Jan 21, 2016

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