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Florence, SC, United States
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We had wind damage to our roof. We submitted a claim, got two bids, as required, sent in the paperwork and received a check for the damage. We need our roof repaired ASAP. Wells Fargo, being the Mortgage holder, has to endorse the check so that work can begin. After several excrutiatingly long and arduous phone calls with inept "checklist" clerks, we have had to submit adjustor's paperwork from the Insurance Adjustor, send the check back, and still they say it's the wrong paperwork. We sent it in again with the actual contractor's bid showing exactly what work he'll be doing. We were assured that the check would now be endorsed. WRONG. We called again to Wells Fargo and they said it was incomplete because they had to know the exact number of shingles going on the roof. What? They haven't ever seen our roof, so how does this prove relevant to start the work and get it done? Our insurance adjustor is so fed up...he has never had to do such ridiculous things with ANY other bank, and he's at a breaking point. I just received the check and it's in the original UNSIGNED format with the same original stupid paper asking for adjustor's worksheet again. I cannot say enough bad things about the idiots they have at Wells Fargo. Both my husband and I have Bachelor's degrees and are professionals. These clerks and managers at Wells Fargo are completely inadequate to deal with professionals. We've been with Wells Fargo now for 12 years and I wish I had never met any of them. I have no idea how to get them to sign this check before our roof gets so bad they'll have a much bigger claim for leakage.

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    Also, whenever I call their property loss department and try to transfer to a person, they hang up!

Jun 09, 2017

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