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Wells Fargo / they lost my $3000 deposit

1 Fredericksburg, United States

Wells Fargo is at fault for my family going without the only money I get each month. I did things the way I always have, went through the drive through as I have my grandson with me. I deposit my monthly $3000.00 check and usually I have no problem. I deposit do my bills and mail them out. Well the deposit was made on the 2nd of the month and I usually check on the 15th of every month with the automated teller to find out what checks cleared and my balances. Well I about had a heart attack when everything was showing overdrafts returned check fees just all kinds of crazy stuff. I called the 800 number and spoke with a rep who verified that indeed my money was gone...never deposited. She said she saw no record of my deposit. I said well I have the receipt showing I deposited it and I was understandably VERY upset. She said just calm down we will put it in for investigation and you will be called within the next 5 business days as to what we find. So I filed that and when I got off the phone I thought well why was I not notified by my branch bank of all the STRANGE activity going on with my account. I've done things the same way for 5 years with no problem. It was that banks responsibility to notify me of which they did not at all not even by mail...where were these bounced check notices??????? Yeah crazy. so I waited for them to call me with the results while we struggled to buy food for the rest of the month...They NEVER called me with any results at all. Finally after waiting 8 days I called the 800 number again and gave the lady the reference number of the investigation and she said "well what do you want us to do about it?" I said I want to know where my money is and she was rude as hell to me and I said I would like to talk to your supervisor who got on the phone and promptly hung up on me. So I thought that had to be by accident and waited for him to call me back. Wait 20 minutes. no call. So I called back yet again got a different call center in South Dakota. The woman was very nice and listened and put me through to her supervisor who gave me more help than anyone I had spoke to prior. He said it was very unprofessional that no one had called me with the results of the investigation and he got ahold of my branch manager and I spoke with him. He asked me why I didn't just come to him, I told him well if it was your $3000.00 wouldn't you be pissed???? He tried to play it off that the teller made a mistake and put it in my savings and I said sir that's simply NOT true. I spoke to a rep of Wells Fargo at the beginning of the investigation and she said it was not in either of my accounts. He pretty much just blew me off and said give me 15 minutes to clear up your apologies from my branch at Wells Fargo or any upper management at Wells Fargo. There are still items on my account that are not fixed. Wells Fargo simply does not respect their customers at all. I never got anything else from them.

May 6, 2015

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