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Wells Fargo / payoff

1 TX, United States

I've had my car loan through WellsFargo since 2008. I decided to pay my car off early by 2 years. So I had the money in my bank account and decided just to send the check via Billpay. I first called twice to see what address I had to mail the payoff to. Then I called and got the exact payoff and send the check out via billpay that day. So, I havent heard anything. I called Wellsfargo and told them the sitaution the guy said to make sure the check acutally went out and maybe it was something on my banks side. I called my bank and they said the check had been mailed out 2/12 and that WellsFargo should have rec. the check in 5 business days which was thur. I called them again today 2/22 and nothing they have not rec. the check. The lady on the phone was saying that maybe I mailed to the wrong P.O. Box. I told her I called twice and 2 reps said that was the correct address and now your saying something different. She was like I dont know why they told you that and your check probably arrived to that Box but they had to send it to the right Box. Then I asked her about interest because I was told that if they payment was not rec. by the 2/22 that they would add interest. The lady was like yes if we dont get the check today we are going to add the interest, and it doesnt matter when the check was mailed it matters when we get it in hand. So, I told her I know how sometimes places hold onto the checks to charge you interest and late fees (chase-I cancelled the Credit Card after this happen) She got defensive and was like what do you mean by that. I said you know what I mean. I know for a fact they have the check in hand and they are doing nothing to process it. Come tomorrow I bet I check they will have the check processed. All this to charge me interest come on you took bailout money that wasnt yours in the first place. What Rip-Offs.

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