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When travelling overseas recently my atm/debit card ceased to function . I was informed that the card had expired as it was a temporary card. I was not informed of the pending expiration before I travelled, when I filed a travel itinerary with WF.. I explained to the WF rep that I was in Moscow and needed access to my funds. Rep's response was that they could mail me a new card but had no idea when I might receive it as I was out of the US. I explained that I was in Russia without access to my funds and that this was an emergency. The response was there is nothing we can do. I requested to speak to a supervisor. I explained that I was a long term customer I had adequate funds in my account and I would appreciate it if they could assist in getting me access to my funds in Russia. The response from the supervisor was that there was nothing they could do. To be clear, I repeated the question as what they could do to assist a customer abroad. The answer was nothing. I was absolutely amazed as I cannot believe that an institution like WF has no banking relationship in Russia that they could have accessed to wire me funds. To be sure I asked again if this was their final was. Thankfully, I have an Amex card. As a world class organization Amex were more than happy to assist in getting me access to funds. If I had not had that alternative the situation would have been very serious for me.
I moved my banking from BofA to WF several years ago on the understanding that I would have private banker service. What I received was the lowest level of retail service, if that, with absolutely no attempt to resolve what could have been a very serious situation. I am certainly looking to move my banking relationship to an institution that at least has some empathy for their customers needs when travelling abroad.
Richard Withey

Sep 13, 2017
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  • Li
      Sep 13, 2017

    Did your temporary card have an expiration date on it? I've never heard of anyone getting a temporary card without being informed that the card would only be good for a limited amount of time(normally 2 weeks OR once the permanent card is received and activated). I would go to WF's actual website because nobody from there is going to see this post, as mentioned in this websites terms of service, they do not have any affiliation with any business nor do they contact the business when a complaint is posted. This website is a good tool for warning the consumers about what companies to stay away from or explaining a bad experience with the company, but unless it is a tiny company, they do not have people searching online to find complaints posted. Since someone clearly made a mistake IF they didn't put a expiration date on the temporary card or paperwork given to you with the card, I definetely hope that you have also written to WF using their official contact information. Being out of the country and not having your money would be terrifying. Since this card was temporary, they should of mailed you your permanant card to your home address, you might have better luck paying for express shipping and having a family member get the card from your home mailbox and having them send it to you themselves

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