Wells Fargopayment

C Nov 21, 2017

During The storm (IRMA) my husband and I evacuated to Atlanta. To make a long story short. We were told that because of the storm many businesses in Georgia were giving disaster relief to those who where effected by the storm.
Mortgage payment, Car payments, etc. were deferring payments. So we called Wells Fargo to find out if this was true . The gentleman we spoke with told us this could be done and the payments could be placed at the end of our Mortgage. So we decided to do this. Up to this point we always made our payments on time and never missed a payment. A few days ago we received paper work stating we were seriously delinquent and it could result in the loss of our home. Now before we went this route, we spoke with two gentleman one name was Samuel just to make sure this was not a hoax. So now we are told we have no recourse but to pay all the money back. Someone lied to us and got us into this situation. We are disappointed with Wells Fargo. I think Mr. Sloan CEO should hear about this. He said he wanted to build trust and you can't do that when you lie to your customers. James & Carolyn B Allen, 106 White Oak Dr.N E, Ludowici, GA. 31316. acct# [protected]

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