Wells Fargo / outrageous overdraft fraud

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I noticed at noon today (3/25/13) my balance was low and that I only had a little over $2 in my account. I used the Direct Deposit Advance option, in the amount of $140, to cover any possible cover charges that were to come through my account. Not only did Wells Fargo hold a charge from the 3/22/13, but they charged me for $35 twice on one transaction and another $35 charge once on a lower transaction for the same company. Making my account negative $84 dollars.

Mar 25, 2013
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  • Lc
      Mar 26, 2013

    I have noticed this also. I have noticed that Wells Fargo will show a charge as pending when a company sends it through. They will take as long as a week, maybe even a week and a half to fully clear. They blame this on the company. However, it is really Wells Fargo playing games with your account hoping you will make a mistake. I have a charge from four days ago that disappeared and then suddenly cleared my account today. The only day that it has been below that amount because I transferred money to my other checking. I also had a $600 mattress charge from two weeks ago. They lingered it around my account for a week and a half. Even three days after I had received the mattress, Wells Fargo still had not caused the charge to clear. They were hoping I would forget and take the money out. They try to blame their slow process on the merchants, but I highly doubt a merchant is going to ship me a bed before clearing payment, and then wait 3-5 days later before getting their money. This should be illegal. Wells Fargo does this a lot and on purpose. I have decided after everything clears on my account, I will use another account for my debit and online purchases. A bank that will clear charges when the merchants send them through and not when they feel like it. A bank that isn't always trying to catch their customers off guard by holding charges a week and a half.

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