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Marysville, WA, United States

My name is kenneth l. Davis. My current home loan is with wells fargo: acct# [protected]. I retired from the us air force in 2003 and started working for the tulalip tribes in 2008. My employee retirement plan, from tulalip tribes of washington, is also with wells fargo.

On sep 8th, 2016 I applied to refinance my mortgage; from a 30 year fixed 4% rate to a 30 year fixed 3.25 % rate with $15, 000 cash back for home improvements. The two people handling my refinance application are home mortgage representative nicole a. Nader (Nmlsr id: 1568449) nicole. A. [protected] and home mortgage consultant matthew bragg (Nmlsr id: 1432650) matthew. [protected]

This loan application is still pending and now i'm being told I have to pay for the termite inspection to be redone because someone at wells fargo “dropped the ball” when processing my loan and the documents i've turned in have expired.

I paid $500 for va inspection and $250 for termite inspection. Now i'm being asked to pay the $250 again because your employees, as I was told by matthew bragg “dropped the ball. ”

When I applied for this loan I was immediately told I met the qualifications, based on my income and credit score, and completing the process would just be a matter of formality. That was over four months ago. The loan still hasn't been finalized. I started complaining after the second month because things were moving too slowly. As a result of my complaints, it became even worse. Everything that was requested of me, all loan documents and signatures needed, were turned in within two business days of me receiving the request. Despite my best efforts to complete the process as soon as possible, so I could start my home renovations before the holidays, I had to continually follow-up to find out why the process wasn't moving along. Many promises were made and broken by both nicole a. Nader and matthew bragg regarding the processing of my loan.

Matthew contacted me (Via email) on thursday 1/5/2017 and stated “i just got the final word back from underwriting there are only two items left that are needed in order to rush your closing date. ”
Both of these items had been turned in already – months earlier. I went to the online loan tracker and found that my termite inspection had expired and needed to be redone. When I contacted matthew about that he said “the underwriter didn't mention to me that a new termite inspection is needed at this time. Since they have the final say on what is actually needed, i'm not going to ask you to provide anything that they aren't requesting directly. ” I turned in the two items he requested sent him an email on monday 1/9/2017 letting him know. I never heard back from him so I contacted him again on friday 1/13/2017 and informed him the termite inspection was still listed on the tracker and I wasn't willing to pay another $250 to have it redone, because, none of the delays in processing my loan were my fault. He then informed me it would have to be redone and I would have to pay for it.
I would like a thorough investigation done to determine why the processing of my loan took so long and who, as matthew admitted to me over the phone, “dropped the ball. ”

I'm not walking away from this and just giving up $750. I'm also not willing to re-pay for another termite inspection. I've been a customer of wells fargo for many years and I deserve to be treated better. I need someone from wells fargo to contact me and let me know how this is going to be fixed.

Thank you
Kenneth l. Davis
Acct# [protected]

Jan 14, 2017

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