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Sorry to hear about all the other folks having problems, but at least I am reassured it is not me who is confused. I too have an insurance check that I need to have Wells Fargo endorse so I can pay it to the contractor who replaced my roof after a hails storm. In January contacted the Loss Document department and was given a very confusing list of SEVEN steps that needed to take place before I could obtain the endorsement. I send them this, they send me that, they schedule and inspection... I complied with the first step, and they never responded. I am trying to get in touch with them again, but can't even find a phone number on the Internet. This has already been time consuming and frustrating, and I am not even to step two in the exceedingly complicated process. If anyone knows how to actually get something done with this group, any advice would be welcomed.

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  • Li
      3rd of Apr, 2012

    My experience was the same. The suggestion to "follow the process" is ridiculous and stupid. Wells Fargo cannot even tell you the correct steps in the process from one day to the next. I went through exactly the same issue - got the finish work completed in September of 2011 and Wells Fargo took until February to complete their end - the inspections, sending the same paperwork 3 times, thinking paperwork was needed when we had already advanced three levels past the point where it was needed, etc. Wells Fargo constantly displays nothing other than uncaring incompetence.

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  • Rc
      18th of Jun, 2012

    Not good seeing this! We Live in Colorado and our roof needs to be replaced. What a run around we have already had with Wells Fargo. Wells Fargo wants us to send I. The check. Not a chance. Common sense is not prevailing here. A roof replacement takes less than a week to do. Wells Fargo wants to make 1/3 payments on a one week roofing job! Wells Fargo also needs to learn how to treat those of us who pay our mortgages on time. If Wells Fargo doesn't work with us we will simply refinance and take our business elsewhere. I will also get in touch with the State Attorney to get the check relased so we can pay the contractor.

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