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It’s amazing, when you think that you are the only one getting scammed by your bank, when in reality there are others out there, just like you. As you get curious and start digging up information, you come to realize that many feel the same. I have affiliates that are past employees of WF and have greatly agreed upon the fact that WF is so commercial, that customer service is just a front. They will tell you anything for you to sign on the dotted line, to abide by their uprising hidden costs, rates, and fees. I also have many friends (including myself), that have had bad experiences with this particular bank! From currency exchange problems to overly extensive overdraft fees! All they do is take your hard earned money! And with this crazy economy, this is the last thing that we need!! I have started a group through Facebook that is trying to draw in current Wells Fargo customers to close their accounts. We feel that this is the only way these banks will listen to the little guy! August 1st-8th, 2009, we are encouraging all current WF customers to DROP Wells Fargo as their bank! Please feel free to pass this message along! Via Facebook, Myspace, MSN Messanger, AIM Yahoo messanger, cell fone texting, email, etc!! Or visit our facebook event page at: p.php?gid=[protected]#/even t.php?eid=[protected]

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  • An
      Dec 10, 2009

    I know they treat there customers like crap, i am currently one and going to get out of there ASAP. As for the employees not sure if i share any sympathy for them if they stay with such a company then they are just as bad, the ones who decide to leave and go elsewhere then my hats off to them for leaving such a disgusting place of service. The employees i have encountered so far have been nothing but rude, except for the day i opened my account they were as sweet as can be. Wellsfargo stinks and i am going to be seeking legal counsel against them. We need to stand up to these banks our money is keeping them in business but yet they treat the consumer like S###.

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  • No
      May 07, 2010

    I Googled "Wells Fargo Unethical" and this was one of many hits that came up. The reason I searched the subject this evening is I just entered into a re-finance with them. My credit scores are Excellent; Experian 749, Equifax 729, TransUnion 731... pulled during my call with WF, which I am very proud of. So I'm going over the re-finance scenarios with my Wells Fargo rep. Tim and I press him for a product that is not the offer I just received in the mail, which by the way was a ridiculous offer! (a re-fiancé offer at 6.125% 30-yr fixed.) We go over some of the products he has to offer me. We find one at 5.375 and begin the refinance Q&A. Then Tim pulls my credit score from an agency called RELS, they reports my scores as; Experian 675, Equifax 676, TransUnion 696. Which by order of grade elevates me to "moderate risk" level. I tell Tom there is a serious problem here... the scores shouldn't be that far off. So he says well... I can offer to you the product you received from WF in the mail today at 6.00% due to your less than excellent credit scores. I tell Tim I'm not really interested in that product and want to now discuss the obvious disparity from the report I just pulled and the one he got from RELS. He says in closing "I'll just get this deal in the works for you because it will save you money every month and you don't have to pay anything out-of-pocket, this is really a no lose situation for you, right." I suspect WF rep. Tim is outright lying about the scores he says he got to push me into their "product" in order to prevent me from closing on the better deal that will save me a significant amount more. To be sure, I'm now launching an investigation with both WF and also the three credit bureaus and I will get to the bottom of this probable unethical WF action.

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  • Pa
      Jul 05, 2010

    I am a Wachovia customer but my car was financed by Wells Fargo. Last year my social security date changed so informed Wells Fargo of this and asked them not to take any money for the payment it was an automatic draft well they tried to take it out and of course Wachovia had been issued a stop payment on them. Charged 25 and the next month they did the same another 25.00 was added to me. I went in and talked to my bank manager and he called wells fargo and quess what this manager would not discharge the 50.00 and they had already merged together. No help my bank picked up the 50.00 and the following month I had to pay another 25.00 and not only that but they sent a letter to the three cfedit reporting companies telling them I wanted credit I had not applied for any credit but now I am being reported as a bad risk plus some other problems with my credit. They get back at you no matter what you do even trying to give them a heads up on my changed status has cost me plenty plus a bad credit report.

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  • As a former employee for many years, many years I believe wells Fargo stood up to their vision of doing right for the customer. I loved my job always gave me the opportunity to work and tend to my children. I started when customer service was valued not only to the customers but to the employees being treated as individuals. As the recent years wells Fargo turned commercial and as much as they tell their employees do not do anything unethical they mumble the thought in the employees herds that if they don't get all customers walking in to open an acct weather existing or new they will be basically looking for another job. But let me just put it the way they actuall tell the employees...this is a sales job we are here to get are sales done so each one of you need to get 3-4accts a day and if anyone thought this wasn't a sales job then let me just tell you the door is right there. So you have to think who in reality is being treated unfair the customers or the employees. Yes we can leave but in this economy sometimes we are stuck. They are some employees who try to keep themselves honest and do right but sometimes we do have to convince our customers they need to open maybe a second acct. I myself never forced anyone or trick them I gray to give them their benefit in why such as maybe they can use one acct strictly for bills...anyways it's rough working there but at least customers can always say NO but as an employees some do what they need to and the managers are aware of all unethical behaviors but hey at the end of the day those unethical employees are praised by management and by district managers ... So those employees who try not to fall into that are stuck struggling. I did finally resigned because lately it was too much to handle I couldn't do what they expect cuz I'm not like that so it was either me leaving or being fired and well if I was going I wanted to leave with head held high knowing all those years I did do right for my customers.
    One thing to be aware u are only allowed one free acct unless u have a PMA. So please don't let any banker convince you to open another acct unless u have any type a fraud issue then I do advise to change acct number. Otherwise it's like the old saying if ain't broke why fix it.
    Also the person greeting you when u walk in it's not to welcome you they scope people out for possible sales.

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  • Ax
      Jul 01, 2014

    This is the worst bank ever. I have four accounts with Hells Fargo. They are the most unscrupulous bunch of crooks. I will close all my accounts.

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  • Ma
      Feb 21, 2015

    I'm a former Wells Fargo dealer services employee and worked there for 7 years. I did honest work and was one of the top performers. Management discriminates against black people, especially black woman, the last couple years has been more black employees getting fired or resigning because of mistreatment. I resigned due to force, the unfair treatment and Harrassment has caused me to have my baby 3 months early. The HR department had to come investigate the owings mills md office due to African American employees complaining to Hr and to the federal government. The company is evil and I pray justice will be served for all current employees who are afraid to speak up and former employees who were wrongfully terminated and forced to resign!!

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