Wells Fargo Home Mortgage / refinance scam

210 Wolfe Acres Drive, Oakland, MD, United States

About December, 2009 I began a load modification process with Wells Fargo. For the next 10 months I was requested to send documents to support my account information. During those 10 months I dealt with Wells Fargo Reps in California, Minnesota, Charlotte, N.C., Wisconsin and others places I can't recall. Got numerous requests for more info and when I informed them the info they were requesting had already been submitted they somehow found the data and we completed our conversation. Being a veteran I asked for any leverage that would help my situation. I was told being a Veteran carried no weight with this modification because the modification was not dictated by govt. regs. After 10 months of paying a lesser amount of 350.00 they told me I did not meet the Federal Guidelines on income. I made $25.00 a week too much. Then I was told I owed them $3, 500.00 and my payment would revert to 880.00 per month. Or they could try to enroll me in another program. After a couple of months I received an application for this new program. They also included a repayment schedule for the next 30 years. After 8 years on this program I would again be paying around 880.00 per month. They also added $8, 000.00 to my mortgage. Before the modification process I owed about $120, 000.00 and after I owed $128, 000.00. I could not come up with the additional 3, 500.00 so to keep my house I had to accept and sign the new agreement. The reason I call it a scam is because they were aware of my income from day one. Then 10 months later and 3, 500 more in debt they said my income (according to Federal Guidelines) was too high. I would appreciate any help you can offer. Respectfully, Gary Tinsley

Mar 02, 2013

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