Wells Fargo Home Mortgagecontinued failure to credit payments when received.

We refinanced in 2001 with World Savings. They were bought by Wachovia which was bought by Wells Fargo. Well, we do not trust WF because of complaints made by our friends with WF mortgages who work for WF. As such, we always mail payments via certified mail. Well we promised a repeat filing of Carducci v. Wells Fargo Home Mortgage case C11-0181PJH. WF's response was to apply a January 2013 extra payment to a 2015 payment. But WF agreed in settling C11-0181PJH to credit payments when received. A review of our WF 2012, 2013 and 2014 mortgage statements confirms WF continues to delay crediting mortgage payments. What this means is delaying crediting a payment means WF receives extra interest for each mortgage. A few extra interest two pennies times 1 million mortgages per month equals an extra unearned $20, 000.00 per month. Loan #[protected]

Jan 20, 2015

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