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Wells Fargo Home Mortgage / unfair business practices

1 Columbus, GA, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 706-494-4180

Was notified by Mortgage company that our house was no longer considered in a flood zone & flood insurance was optional. Received multiple notifications from Mortgage company after this that we had insufficient flood insurance coverage & they were attaching an insurance coverage with payments to be applied to our mortgage. Made multiple calls to Mortgage company over 2 month time period. 6 weeks after company assured me that they would not attach flood insurance to our mortgage found that they did. It took additional phone calls to Mortgage company to try to resolve. Still unsure if issue is unresolved. Supposedly they are investigating issue. Have concerns regarding sloppy business practices of this company. In addition this mortgage company receives a kick back from insurance company for any policies they assign to customers. Question if this is ethical and is the company guilty of fraud.

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  • Pa
      26th of Mar, 2009
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    QUOTE FROM ANOTHER POST: " Worst customer service I have ever experienced, unprofessional, incompetent and unexperienced loan officers"


    I called MONTHS ahead of problems I forsaw concerning money and my payments on the house... I can't even begin to desribe the shabby, unprofessional treatment we've suffered at these clowns hands.

    They are hands down the biggest liers and untrained people I've ever encountered in the business world.

    Their reps will say ANYTHING what so ever to make you think they are helping you when in fact they are just jerking you around with no intention what so ever of actually doing anything to assist you.

    I personally believe this is done to make it appear to the goverment agencies that they ATTEMPTED to help you... this then covers their ### for taking the bailout money they were SUPPOSED to use to help distressed homowners with but instead used to buy other assets to build their own business worth!!

    We made literally DOZENS of calls to them and got nothing but one run around after another:

    Told the previously submitted documents had been lost no less than 10 times.

    Were connected to the wrong departments over 3 dozen times when calling.

    We even had one little jerk submitt a Loan application against us when we were only trying to contact Loss Mitigation to try to work something out??!!
    (Please note, due to being transfered to the wrong people SO many times before I asked the little jerk no less than 3 TIMES, POINT BLANK, "ARE YOU WITH LOSS MITIGATION?" AND WAS TOLD 3 TIMES POINT BLANK, "YES, YOU ARE IN HE RIGHT DEPATMENT".
    He then proceeded to make me give him all our financial info yet AGAIN, for at least the 10th time, taking over an hour to give it to him,
    THEN he tells me "Sorry, they have declined your loan application."

    I about had a seizure from the anger he caused me after realizing what he had just done.

    These people are the most poorly trained and least skilled Customer Service Reps I have EVER DEALT WITH.
    I'm fairly certain they are being told something along the lines of " Take the call, the more volume we generate and show, the better defense we have to show we are trying to help people. Of course DON'T actually do ANYTHING that actually helps anyone in trouble!"

    IT'S UTTER ###, plain and simple.

    We are giving them ONE LAST SHOT to negotiate in good faith on this loan modification request and if they screw it up or jerk us around in any way this last time that's that, we are filing Bankruptcy and letting a freaking Judge set them straight !

    I'm sick of dealing with their dishonesty, dirty dealings, and total lack of knowledge about what it is they are supposed to be doing here by the fact they took Goverment bailout money, which was in fact given to them to AID distressed homeowners, not jerk them around!!!

  • Ke
      21st of May, 2009
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    I am in the same situation with Wells Fargo. It's odd that I read this because they are doing the same thing to me, but I was told to submit my information to the Loss Mitagation department. Come to find out I haven't had my mortgage for a year, therefore we don't qualify for any assistance. Why didn't the determine this before they started the process. This has been going on for atleast 4 months now. I haven't received any notification that I didn't qualify for the modification, but when I contacted the customer service they told me that I didn't qualify. It took them four months to determine I didn't qualify for a loan modification. Your kidding me right. I was laid off after trying to go back to work after having my son, and shortly after my husband was laid off. I do not qualify for unemployment because I was a contractor in the Oil and Gas business. I contacted Wells Fargo again today because I was told I would possibly qualify for the 3 step refinance program, and then once again today was told I didn't qualify for that either. The customer service representative that I spoke with today was very rude. Basically told me that I had only had my loan for 5 months, therefore I could never afford my loan in the first place. I was very frustrated and irate that this would come from her mouth. Who was she to judge me... I have been getting the run around on this home assistance program for the last three months. I do show we are in the loan modification progress on the internet home assist website, but why am I being told differently when I call customer service. If I was unable to afford my loan why would wells fargo approve me to purchase a home in the first place. I was told today that I would have to bring my monthly payments up to date before I could apply for the 3 step program.. In my opinion, home assist means helping those in need in tough times. I do not feel that this is Wells Fargo's goal at this point..

  • As
      3rd of Dec, 2009
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    My story is the same, but the difference is that I have been given a new modified loan through the loan modification dept after a year and a half of rudeness, harrassment, and lies, not to mention constant repeating the same story over and over to customer service reps from every state in the union...

    The Modification Dept namely the person that supposedly worked personally on my modification STEPHANIE ID # OZ8 said that I didn't send in some important paperwork. She then (without notifying me) canceled the contract that was already signed with the new agreement, the amount of payments behind put at the end of the loan, new % rate, and lower payment that was due Dec. 1, 09. The reason was for not sending in a faxed copy of my divorce papers and a $331.62 payment for costs. Stephanie said that the $331.62 was waved because I told her that I just couldn't afford it at the time. This was in November.. I did send in the divorce papers within minutes of speaking to her. I have proof of the fax and tried to tell customer service that I had sent in the fax of divorce papers and that the $331.62 was waved by phone with Stephanie. I have since sent in a money order for that amount and have sent in the proof of the date that I sent in the divorce papers. It's a good thing that I kept excellent records through all of this !!!

    I was notified after the fact of all of the above that now my home was in foreclosure for not submitting the copy of my divorce...and paying the $331.62 to complete the entire process. I was sent a letter from a attorneys office and talked with the person handling my case. She said that they would be putting the home up for sale in 8 days!!!

    I called H.O.P.E. and had a agent by the name of Ruby go on a three way call to help me get through to someone that could clear all of this up. Remember...Wells Fargo has all of the documents (they found the copy of my divorce papers that I sent and told me to send in the $331.62 to get things back on track...

    Loooong story short it is now Dec 3rd and I don't know if I have it straightened out or not//////I was on the phone today for over 5 hours and I still don't have a yes or no answer from anyone there!!!

    I have the money for my first payment that was due on Dec.1 with the contract, but I can't get a answer if I still have it or not...

    FOX NEWS and a CLASS ACT LAWSUIT IS IN ORDER for all of us that are being put through this needless harassment and unnecessary emotional trauma. GIVE US THE NUMBERS TO THE PEOPLE THAT ARE HANDLING OUR CASES !!! THEN GIVE US THEIR SUPERVISORS NUMBERS...We are all out here losing our homes one after another...Going through the same treatment from your company...andyou are just using the customer service workers as a wall to protect your sorry ###...

    If anyone wants to contact me my email address is I will gladly help to pursue any action necessary to help others out there in my situation. A few thousand of us could make quite a stink using the media...! Fox News would love this story, I'm sure...

    Best Regards, Janice L Brown

  • Me
      5th of Dec, 2011
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    Thank you to all those who have posted. Wells Fargo is bad news. My sister lives in Acworth, Georgia and has nothing but complaints about Wells Fargo.

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