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Wells Fargo / sherrif sale!

1 Georgetown, IN, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 812-923-8461

I purchased a home on a land contract back in March 2006. At that time there was no lens on the house except the one I had from my company I was buying my home. I found an investor or so I thought that lowered my interest rate. I paid him $22,000 up front and house payments, kept insurance on the home and did a lot of maintenance. I found out about February of 2007 that the house was being foreclosed on by Wells Fargo who had gotten Home Eq to service the loan. We constantly called Home Eq, Wells Fargo and their attorneys who refused to tell us anything regarding the loan that we had no idea about. In October we finally got Power of Attorney so we could talk. We tried to get a loan to buy the house but they were asking more than what it was worth. So we had to put more money in the house so it would appraise higher. We did that but because of the time it took to get the house to appraise higher they now state it is over the 30 days and they are not giving us any more time. As of yesterday a Sheriff showed up at my door for a sheriff sale for 1/9/08 at 10am. Yet we were almost done with the loan before christmas. The house is deeded in our name and they are lein holders. We've asked them to work with us as we have 4 children and no where to go. I'm afraid we will loose our children for being homeless and having nobody to go to. We have begged them to work with us and they keep saying we will see you in court. They have the attorneys and all we have is our children and paper work. Who do you think will win? Certainly not the people who did nothing wrong. Their is no holiday spirit out there anymore. Banks are out there to take advantage of the innocent people. In the time that they have been attacking us and trying to throw a family of 6 out of their home they could be prosecuting the guy who took the loan out on the house in the first place and scammed people. That would be the appropriate and right thing to do instead of hurting people who have done nothing wrong but have begged and pleaded for the bank to work with us. We are still wanting help and are still willing to pay for our home.

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