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Wells Fargo Financial Bank / fraudulent activity

1 United States
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About two weeks ago I received a phone call from someone at Wells Fargo Financial bank about opening a Wells Fargo Visa card. At the time I was extremely busy (just got home from work, trying to walk the dog, and trying to help my wife make dinner) and asked the caller if they could simply send me the information by mail, but the guy was very persistent and I sat through his 10 minute pitch about the card. During this time he asked me a few questions to verify my information so that he could send me the information package.

I didn't really think much about the phone call and figured that I would get the usual credit card package in the mail with a form to obtain the new card. It wasn't until I checked the mail on Saturday November 1st that I realized that the jerk that I talked to on the phone had gone ahead and opened the credit card for me. I did not authorize this and I made it clear to him on the phone that I only wanted an information package and not the card. When I realized what he had done, I completely lost it and immediately called the customer service number listed on the new card.

After about a 15 minute wait on the phone I finally got to talk to a customer service rep. I was completely furious about the whole situation and told her that I wanted the account canceled immediately and I wanted to know the name of the person who authorized the card to be opened in the first place. She told me that 'there is no way that Wells Fargo Financial can know this information' which just made me more angry. I admit that I did say a few curse words while I was on the phone, but I didn't think saying 'hell' a few times was enough to have the customer service rep hang up on me... boy was I wrong. She hung up on me and didn't even confirm that the account had been closed.

As I am typing this message out I am still on hold with the customer service center trying to A) determine if my account was closed by the person that hung up on me and B) to push for more information on who opened the account. I know I probably won't get an answer to B) so I wanted to pass on my experiences to everyone via [redacted].

The bottom line is this... if Wells Fargo Financial calls you about opening a Visa card and you are not interested, HANG UP THE PHONE!


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