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Bethesda MD, United States Review updated:

I was with [name removed], a different advisor. He left the company.

[name removed] took over my account. She did NOT call me, contact me to discuss my account.

I called her, each time we spoke she had scripted response. I decided to MOVE all of my money out of Wells Fargo. I did not want to pay her advising fees each quarter. She did NOTHING. I do not want to pay 1% for NOTHING.

I asked that ALL funds be liquidated and transferred to my new account at Vanguard. THREE times I learned that not ALL of my funds were transferred. [name removed] NEVER called to explain, or tell me what to do. I had to PROBLEM solve on my own, with Vanguards help. It appears that after 4 months I believe I have transferred everything out. I would not be surprised if I still had something with you r firm. Your firm is rated one of the WORST companies to do any business with. I was conned, scammed .

I want ALLLL of the fees I paid to Ann Calvert refunded to me A S A P or I will take it up to the federal level. I intend to make sure that I am FULLY refunded for services NOT provided.

PLease refund ALLLLLLLLL fees paid immediately and sent to Vanguard as a transfer from the money market account that was in my name.

Please advise when this happens, and the amount.

Thank you

Jerald Cohen

Jun 27, 2017
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  • Je
      Sep 24, 2017

    Here is an update.
    Ann Calvert reached out to me asking me to REMOVE the complaint. After some discussion, and thinking about it I decided to ADD.
    Her supervisors Paul Newman and Lou Sitnik (sp?) both COACHED her and told her how to handle this. Ann Calvert knew what they were doing was
    wrong and did not stand up or speak out. They were ACTUALLY present in the room at least on one occassion when I phoned. Probably other times too. My last phone conversation she encouraged me to direct the blame squarely on the CEO David Kowach. How could he be aware of all the small in appropriate behaviors that happen? Did he sanction this type of behavior strongly discouraging people from leaving Wells Fargo? By using stalling delaying tactics to prevent my instructions from being followed? Wells Fargo is a SCAM, they should be SHUT down. I have never spoken to such double speaking, conniving people in my life. SHAME on Lou Sitnik and Paul Newman It took me several weeks to get all my money out . I encourage you all to LEAVE Wells Fargo, fight them to pay you back all the fees you have paid. Ann Calvert offered to pay me back some, BUT it was not enough to make me feel better. Never got paid. Still waiting. Still SCAM artists.

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