Wells Fargo Dealer Servicesauto

I called for a payoff and made the payment to complete my auto and two days later they reposed it because it was paid at the bank and not Wells Fargo Dealer Services. They did this on purpose they knew it was being paid off I talked to the collections agency because I fell two months behind so I wanted to let them know that I would just be paying it off. This is there way of making money off you since I was paying it off early so they could collect more money. This is the worst company I have ever dealt with the people are nasty they are like robots uncaring evil people and you don't really want to say what is on your mind otherwise they can make your life hell. To top it off I never got a letter or a call saying i was in re position. I will never go through this company again! Anyone that does will regret it because they are out to get their customers not help them. In fact I recently opened an account with them I am closing it out and going to another bank I am so disgusted with this company!!!

Mar 04, 2016

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