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Wells Fargo / poor customer service

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Wells fargo customer service, loss mitigation department is a joke. I live in cincinnati and their location is somewhere in california.. I find this company to be elusive, unreliable, disorganized and just pathetic. We own 2 house (Statistic), cant get any help from them on payment arrangements, we had a loss to property which insurance paid for, but put them on the check to endorse. I can't get the company to endorse this check. They want it sent to them to put in escrow... Yeah right!! I have already paid the contractors out of pocket. Now they want an inspector to come and make sure the work was completed. That is fine, but they will not tell me what company, and keep changing the date on how long company has to contact me. 5/3 bank has been easy and wonderful to deal with. I would never recommend wells fargo to anyone. This has been an absolutely miserable relationship and experience to deal with...

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  • Ar
      30th of Apr, 2009
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    I currently have an auto loan with wells fargo and they are the most rude and unreliable company I have ever dealt with. These cumter service are rude and they hang up on you! and speak to you any kind of way!!! I wish I would have never gotten a car loan with them because these people are disgustingly nasty!!! Do not do busy with These people. I authorized a payment and the funds were they're they waited 7 days after the initial due date... Then said I spend the funds when I called to complain they said I spent the money and I DID NOT SPEND THE FUNDS they are completely idiotic... I called to complain they said oh hold for a second and hung up! I called back 7 times and they different agent every time hung up... The have a script going that they can just hang up on you and blame it on another call center or agent! BE VERY CAREFUL OF PRE-AUTHORIZED ACH CHECK PAYMENTS ONCE YOU AUTHORIZE ONE PAYMENT YOU VERBALLY GIVE THEM THE RIGHT TO WITH DRAW THE FUNDS FROM THAT DATE OF AUTHORIZATION UP UNTIL 6 MONTHS LATER IF THEY WANT TO... PLEASE PLEAE FIND A BETTER BANK IF THEY'RE ARE ANY OR A CEDIT UNION WITH GROWTH OPTIONS!!!

  • Ar
      30th of Apr, 2009
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  • Mi
      7th of Oct, 2010
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    October 7, 2010

    Dear Wells Fargo,

    I am disappointed that your bank has recently terminated the personal banker that I have been using for the last several years. As I understand it, she was let go for a lack of new sales. Well, I am terminating my relationship with you for a lack of understanding that it is better to serve your existing customers than to obtain new sales.

    Last summer my daughter's credit card was cancelled while she was in Honduras volunteering at an orphanage for five weeks. Her card was upgraded, automatically canceling her existing card. I contacted wells Fargo before she left the country to notify you that she would be out of the country for five weeks and where she would be. I was reassured that I took the right step contacting the bank beforehand. This debit card was the only way I could get money to my daughter.

    When I was notified, in writing, that her card would be cancelled I called the 800 number and spoke to four different representatives and got two different alternating stories. It was an automatic upgrade or the card was compromised. Nobody could provide a through answer. I was switched from representative to representative. I never did get a straight answer. Nobody provided any customer service, except Carol Anderson my personal banker. She went the extra mile to arrange a wire transfer to a bank in Honduras so my daughter could get enough money to complete her stay and return home. She apologized that such a mix up could occur. Why would Wells Fargo upgrade a card when they had already been notified that the card hauler was going to be out of the country for five weeks?

    Carol Anderson was the only reason I didn't cancel all my accounts at that time. Now you've gotten rid of the only person who was willing to help me during a crisis. If it is your attitude that customer service is secondary to obtaining new accounts, fine. Go get some new accounts, because I am canceling mine.

    If yours is the type of bank that puts your bottom line before mine, then you're not the bank for me. One of the reasons I trusted in Wells Fargo was because Warren Buffet trusted in you. As a stockholder I'm writing Berkshire Hathaway to let them know that they should reconsider their investment in Wells Fargo, since the bank is cutting costs to spite its long term goals. If your only goal is to make money, good for you, but you make it from your customers and this isn’t the type of service that pleases customers.

    Michael Connolly

  • Po
      7th of Oct, 2010
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    It can sometimes be cheaper for a company to get new customers than to keep old ones. Regardless, new sales are usually required to maintain a job in the banking industry, and since it seems as though your banker failed at that, she was rightfully let go in this competitive working world. Though no one can truly know all that contributed to her termination (there may be more to her story).

  • Kz
      15th of Apr, 2011
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    problem date: 04/14/11
    Customer Service Supervisor Justin Mayes and female csr who would not give me her name. I found the customer service I received to be extremely unprofessional and atrocious. I filed a claim because there are fraudulent charges on one of my accounts, when I spoke to the female csr she was aloof and soon became combative when I asked for further explanation of the claims process. She put me on hold for at least 5 minutes and when she came back I asked to speak with a supervisor she gave me my claim number so quickly that I could not confirm if I recorded it correctly, as well as disregarded the instructions I had requested for the claims department to call me on my cell phone so I could hook up my fax and receive the proper paperwork to file my claim. She then proceeded to put me on an immediate hold for approximately 5 seconds and then proceeded to hang up on me. When I called back I reached a csr named Alex who was very nice and apologized on behalf of the female csr and said that he does not hang up on his customers. after I confirmed my claim number with him I requested, again, to be transferred to a supervisor. The supervisor I spoke to was completely apathetic and after I told him what happened his reaction to the situation was that of indifference. I told him I am considering moving my business to another bank, as well as pointed out that I have been a loyal customer since 1997. His response was "Is this your first bad experience you have with Wells Fargo's customer service?" to which I responded that this was not my first bad customer service experience I had received from Wells Fargo. Supervisor Justin Mayes said "Well if you would like to switch banks that is your choice" I asked him if Wells Fargo was even interested in keeping my business and he, again, told me it was up to me but there is nothing more he can do for me. I am so upset by this horrible customer service experience and absolutely appalled that a business would blatantly disregard a long-time customer, such as myself, if this is the type of customer service and behavior of their csr's and supervisors that they deem acceptable then I will choose to move my business and recommend that my family and friends move their business elsewhere.

  • Fo
      22nd of Apr, 2011
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    Well, our Wachovia Bank has now become Wells Fargo - and it's a huge debacle!! Money is taken out of our account 2, 3, 4 or 5 days before the payment due date. When i questioned why this is done, when Wachovia removed the money from our account on the due date, I was given a lot of mumbo jumbo - nothing that was a good answer. When i asked where my money goes for these days that I don't have it and the biller doesn't have it, I was told the money is in "limbo." I have to assume that this is a another way of saying that they are holding the money in order to make interest off of it.
    Additionally, accounts that were set up to receive electronic bills and e-pay can no longer be viewed, such as the bills from Bank of America and Macy.
    The local branch has been flooded with people compaining. My husband couldn't deposit his paycheck (written on a WF check) and get $300 dollars because he doesn't have an ATM card!!! What does an ATM card have to do with depositing a paycheck at the window?? He has his business accounts at this bank - now Wells Fargo and will be pulling his companies accounts out - moving them to another bank!
    Save yourself - don't get involved with Wells Fargo - ASAP i am switching banks!!!

  • An
      30th of Jul, 2011
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    I have an insurance check I need Wells Fargo to endorse. First my wife tried to get it endorsed as both she and I are on the policy, but since her name isn't on the mortgage the branch she went too told her I was the only one who could get it in endorsed. So I took it in to a branch near my work waited for twenty minutes to be told both of us had to be present. WTF??????? Why? I asked, it is our policy. But she already endorsed the check and I am the morthage holder and the manager at the other branch said I was the only one necessary to b present to get it endorsed.
    They act like it is their money. If they want to control the insurance, let them pay the damn premiums. This is why we stopped doing business with them a decade ago. I have been procrastinating on refinancing but I am not going to wait any longer, unless the damn government defaults and screws up the interest rates.

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