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Stay away from wells fargo bank!!! My attempt to wire money from my account to a corresponding bank in canada resulted in lost funds, misinformation, lies, abusive behavior by management and failure to make any attempt to solve the dilemma.
My inquiries into what happened to my money were met with made-up excuses, recriminations, and a how dare you question us attitude.
Even the bank manager stated to me to that some employees are not thoroughly trained, which is common in the banking industry. That I and customers alike should expect it, and to live with it!
That made me feel very secure about wells fargo handling my money.
No one, including branch management and upper level managment appologized for my inconvenience, concern and anxiety. No one cared about making any attempt to trace and find out what happened to my money.
I was able to finally meet a non - management wells fargo employee that cared about the customer and not at all interested in false bravado.
She immediatly set about to research and trace the lost wire.
Unfortunatly, after getting nowhere for a week with the so called managers, I now have to wait an addtional few days to trace the funds.
I do not expect the young lady that finally assisted me to advance very far with wells fargo. She is the only one that actually displayed intelligence and compassion. Obviously a rare commodity at this moscow idaho wells fargo branch.
If you deal with wells fargo, get out! If you are thinking about it, don't! If you must, remember that the chance of confronting incompetence is far greater than you think.

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  • Ra
      Nov 09, 2012

    I thoroughly agree with this posting. AVOID Wells Fargo at all cost (see my similar posting on this site: Incompetence after Incompetence).

    As an addition to this posting, one of my Personal Bankers (one of Five I have had in this year of 2012) had such an unusual name I thought I would do a google search on the name. The only info that came up was a Police Mug-shot and a DUI arrest.
    I, being in the UK, had never met my personal banker so I did not know if these two people were the same, but when I was in the USA in 2012 I thought I'd have a 1-2-1 with the name.
    It WAS him... a very distinctive face.
    Of course, barely weeks after our interview he had left the bank (to repeat, one of FIVE Personal Bankers I have had this year) - indeed, the only time I discover my Personal Banker no longer works for Wells Fargo is when their e-mails start to bounce back. Even now, I am still not sure who (in my Florida branch) is my personal banker.

    When this bank was Wachovia I never experienced any problems. As soon as it became Wells Fargo, THAT's when the muck started hitting the fan.
    AVOID WELLS FARGO at all cost.

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  • In
      Feb 11, 2019

    Looked up "inept" and here I am. I've spent hours online and with a "Representative" (he does represent What WF is). getting not one answer. I opened up a VA Fiduciary account a week ago, no mean feat that took hours and three employees. I could not access the account online, called WF and was told I could never access the account online AND the only thing they would or could confirm was that there was an account number, mine, with F WF, but could not even confirm that it WAS MY FEDUCIARY account.

    First thing tomorrow I will be closing this account that I had to open with $25 of my own money, and hopefully will get back in cash.

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