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Wells Fargo Bank / fraud and lies

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If you have an account or thinking about opening one with this bank. Get your money out. There is no room in this country for a business like this to exist. They unscrupulous, unethical, unprofessional, unaccountable in their business practices. This behavior is unacceptable.

Like many others I, too, have had problems with fabricated overdraft fees. transactions being done twice. Accounting entries and practices are wrong and improper (If not illegal). Trying to deal with Wells Fargo on these matters is a joke. I had an instance where I saw a transaction that was posted online removed. I call the 800 # They say its there. I ask for them to contact the online dept. to have a three way conversation and they say they don, t have the capabilities to do that. Nor would they look into it. You will never get 2 people together at wells fargo if you have an issue. It would mean accountability on there part.

Trying to decipher their policies regarding deposits, holds, accounting methods is as difficult (if not more than) as trying to understand the unintelligible double speak they use to explain it. When cornered they won't talk to you.

Wells Fargo will finally have their day in court, as there is a class lawsuit pending against them. I have read the papers that were filed and while I do agree with them I still have other issues I want addressed and am seeking counsel to help with this.

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  • An
      30th of Nov, 2009
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    Happened to me too (excessive OD fees and ridiculous WF excuses why they personally cant assist you) ~ the first couple times I just dealt with it ~ then the last time I took the info down to the Branch, explained how the charges were incorrectly hitting my account which is causing the O/D's ...the Branch Manager said she didnt have the authority to change anything ~ even tho all I was asking is the extra O/D fee's to be removed and how I could prove with receipts ect and even the shops deposit records that WF was posting the charges incorrectly. When the branch wouldnt do anything about it ~ I scanned all the info and sent to the customer service contact given to me to contact. This is what I got back

    Overdraft and Return Check fees are posted to your account on the business day after the actual overdraft occurs.
    In reviewing your overdraft fees, I found that although you made your Check Card purchase at xxxx for $8.25 and $5.75 on 10/16/2009, xxxx did not present this transaction to Wells Fargo for payment until 10/19/2009.

    (more blah blah blah on how its not THEIR FAULT etc ... but note I never said it was or wasnt their fault I was asking that 2 of the 3 O/D charges be removed because I could prove with receipts that their was funds in the account at the time of the charge...but Nooooooo they'd rather lose a customer than lose their precious extra fee's and predatory income they sooooo rely on ...all Ive found are bad reports on Wells Fargo ~ so never again with me and Im telling everyone I know how they treated me...the letter continued)

    At your request, I have closed your Custom Management Checking account effective today.
    We realize that in today's environment, customer service often becomes the deciding factor when a customer chooses a financial institution. Wells Fargo is truly committed to coming through for its customers. ( Yah right~~!) Our goal is to continue to meet and exceed your service expectations. (If that was so a simple ~ removal of excess fee's wouldve been the answer!)
    We are sorry that we failed to meet your expectations but hope you will allow us the chance to serve you again in the future. (Again ~ Never again!!! EVER!)

    BOY COTT WELLS FARGO until they change their policys

  • Ch
      28th of Dec, 2009
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    I was also a customer!
    I was taken in by the little wagon and horses! so California!
    But when i had an overdraft problem i canceled the card and gave them a check to cover the cost then they did some automatic transfer and the amount went overdraft due to THEM! then a fee for that on top of another overdraft fee!
    but sins they kept piling fee on top of fee i could never catch up and had to feed myself and pay bills instead! after going round and round with there drones called customer service representatives i got more and more angry at there denial and art of ripping off people!
    I told there drone on the phone this is exactly why i want to be out of there bank and never do business with them again!
    I had told them to cancel all accounts and they just kept telling me they would not and kept taking on fees! and i was to keep paying fee on top of fee! they lie and they cheat and they are trying to steel money right out of your pocket!
    Why do they think this will endear them to anybody?
    Or is it that there corrupted culture is so ingrained in them that they cant see what they have become!

  • Me
      9th of Jan, 2010
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    The people you write a letter to are their legal department. Tell them how much of a pain in the ### you will be (with specifics, i.e., write your journalist friend or post on Web pages and about the complaint you will file with the attorney general - which is very easy to do online).

  • Jo
      17th of Jun, 2011
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    Well Fargo, the Bank of Lies
    Are you in the process of a loan modification with Wells Fargo? I'd like to share my story and I'll bet many are being treated the same by Wells Fargo(WF).

    My partner and I are disabled and living on a fixed income. We had a large investment account that was managed(mismanaged) by WF. We paid our mortgage on time for many years but due to the economic downturn, our stocks dwindled. Realizing this we turned to Wells Fargo to begin the modification process. We submitted all papaerwork asked of us in a timely manner but whenever we asked the status of our modification we were told that paperwork was not complete, they had not received the requested paperwork or that we would have to wait 90 days to receive a response. The outcome was always that our case was rejected After eighteen months of this we hired and attorney. Within two weeks of that we received a loan modification amout to pay. We were to pass a three month trial period in which our payments must be received by WF before the first of the month. We were told that after the second month, we would receive papers finalizing our modification. Three months passed and we were told to keep making payments until told otherwise. Two more months passed, WF requiring updated expense reports, bank statements and an updated hardship letter. We complied with all requests in a timely manner(all communication between us and WF went through our attorney) but were rejected because we didn't file the documennts requested in a timely manner and had too much unsecured debt. Our lawyer kept accurate details of contact with WF so the first reasom to reject us was not valid. The second was also not valid since at WF "suggestion" we declared bankruptcy. We had been told that in order to qualify for a HAMP program, we needed to get rid of our unsecured debt somehow. That seemed like bakruptcy was our only option. When we approach our attorney, we had completed the bankruptcy and all debts were discharged.
    We were told by WF that the reduced modification amount we had during our trial period was no longer valid but they had their own modification program. Basically a bait and swich in that our monthly payment was only $150 lower than the original payment and did not include escrow where the original modification did and was much lower. Also they were so kind to tack on all kinds of late fees and fines to the original loan amount. Of course, any payments that we had made during the trial period were not deducted from those amounts. Our attorney suggested that we stop making payments to WF and force mediation. Our mediation date is scheduled for June 24, 2011. I don't have any great expectations given WF history of deceipt. I believe that we will ultimately have to take WF to court to get this resolved.

    I would like to urge all others not to just leave your home. Get an attorney and fight. If enough of us little guys fight back we will win. We must win. Remember David and Goliath? Ask your mortgage company to produce the note saying that they own the mortgage. I'll bet they can't since most mortgages are sold and resold.

    I also urge that if you're having a difficult time paying your mortgage, under water with your mortgage, stop paying. Send these leaches of society, the banks, a message.

    Lastly, I urge anyone that is disabled for any reason and is in the modification process to consider that WF is discriminating agianst them by delaying things in order to wear them down and thus have to do nothing. WF has a long record of discrimination on the books. I believe that WF is certainly capable of discriminating in this case. If you believe as I do, please contact me at



  • Ch
      18th of Jun, 2011
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    Most banks do this most banks do that...they change the rules so that they can manipulate things behind the scenes..your another banking shill and part of the systemic problem of legalized sanctioned thievery...your a drone to the system that is perpetual designed to skim off profits for "investors" the banking Industry is a MAFIA that exploits the weakest people and is by that definitions despicable...corporate cubical zombies dedicated to supporting the system that indoctrinated you into servitude...abandoned ethics and humanity to profit off the suffering of others..and here you are justifying and excusing it all becasue its been written in the "policy" Obey the authority even when the authority commits acts of fraud as long as they have a title or certificate...Wells Fargo as far as i am concerned is a criminal organization as most mega banks today...I will never do business again with them...go peddle your corporate propaganda elsewhere...we are all sick of it!

  • Ch
      20th of Jun, 2011
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    perfect proof of my drone..mindless numbed and obedient drone...go lick your 401k wanker!

  • Ch
      20th of Jun, 2011
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    LOL perfect! ... i have traveled around the world and met all kinds of people that don't park themselves in a corporate cubical and stare at the wall of it and then just justify the fact that they are really chicken ### to do anything but pay and obey..oh yeah you have your little ducks in a row and your little "nest egg" and you can remain a narcissistic American that does nothing for the larger world. oh i know your type and how you think and your myopic view of things is all their is. NO one will ever write a book about your adventures becasue you don't have any..your safe secure in your decorated gilded cage.. you buy the big lie the financial propaganda sold you. repeat the same rhetoric and yes mindlessly...and then indulge yourself in the cultural narcissism they packaged up for you...I bet you abandoned all your dreams to be safe, talked yourself out of them stuffed them away under mounds of BS justifications...Your a good citizen/slave and ultimately clueless...and your denial of the financial criminality that causes world wide suffering can be rendered irrelevant as long as you make sure you never examine it..lie to yourself and bury it...this way you can go on guilt free indulging in the American narcissist sum up a Drone

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