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Wells Fargo Auto Finance / illegal harassment/idiots

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Phone: 800-565-2310

Wells Fargo Auto Finance financed a vehicle for me when I had just cleaned up my credit. No other lender would finance me. They charge outrageous interest rates but I went for it.

After six months, I ran late on a payment. If you are more than 3 days late, the calls start - automated phone system. With each day you are late, late fees are added and the phone calls become more frequent, like every 20 mins. You call them, make a payment arrangement or pay online, and 15 mins. later you get another call from a rep in another cityand you have to repeat everything because their damn computer system does not show them that a payment was made or notify them of the payment arrangement you just made. So you continue to be harassed.

They also started leaving these messages nonstop on my Prepaid Cell Phone which caused me to run out of minutes. I told them not to call that number and when I did they said they had no record of that number. ???

After some medical expenses, I requested an extension. First, they required a payment and then said they would do it. Then they took my "application for extension" and told me to call back in 3 days to make sure it was approved! I called back and it was refused. Come to find out they RARELY give extensions, especially if you are late.

So then, being two months late, they started calling me at my place of employment, after I told them not to. Then, to make matters worse, they called my Human Resources Manager and re-verified my employment and asked her to be sure and tell me they called.

So, I moved out of my home and in with family so I could get back on track. Once you are behind, they will screw you with late fees, harass you with phone calls, and call your employer.


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  • Da
      23rd of May, 2008
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    Unfortunately I am stuck in the exact same boat that you were in. I just don't have anyone that I can move in with or have anyone that I can borrow money from to get caught up. This company is a joke and will NEVER recommend them to anyone!!!

  • Jo
      12th of Feb, 2009
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    I was told that I had a 10 grace period when I first opened an auto loan with Wells Fargo, however that was a lie. The collections departments starts calling OVER AND OVER AND OVER after two days being late. I had a 10 grace period with Toyota and they NEVER did anything as silly as this bank. I would have given my business to someone else if I had known the kind of liars these people are.

    I am looking now to find another company to refinance with because I cannot deal with Well Fargo and their foolishness.

  • Ha
      16th of Oct, 2009
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    I am in the same boat as you. I was laid off for over 3 months. Even when I make a payment they continue to keep calling a lot. Even more than discover card. Slowly I am paying back the back payments now each month.(they are not the only one I am behind with). The calls do not seem to stop. I wish I could refinance, but with bad credit right now, that is impossible. I can not even really let them take the vehicles, The difference from what I owe to what they can get is still to big. They would still come after the difference. Hopefully I can get the vehicles payed off with a lot of overtime.

    I am with everyone. DO NOT RECOMMEND WELLS FARGO at any time. If times go bad they will be your worst enemy.

  • Me
      22nd of Dec, 2009
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    I'm stuck with a 16.67% interest rate for a vehicle that is 6 years old. I'm sick and tired of this company. I would NEVER, even if my life depended on it, recommend them to ANYBODY . They have called my house twice.. if I don't answer, they'll call my cellphone..if I don't answer my cellphone they'll call back with their number blocked. Now they're calling and I answer, they hang up. They've called my place of work 10 times this week ( it's only Tuesday) and have hung up all but 2 times. The last time I told the guy when I'd make a payment. He said he'd post it to my account. Half an hour, my husband calls me from home to tell me they called our house and hung up on him. Then not even another half hour after I talk to my husband, they call my work and hang up again. So not only is it downright annoying that they call every single phone number listed on my account, multiple times a day.. 9/10 of these calls are hung ups from them. I'm 3 days late on my payment. My payment is due the 19th, and the 28th is when I get a late charge. WHY are they calling me? Why don't they wait until the 27th-28th to call and let me know about my late charge? Just last month I had to pay $68 in late charges. They start calling me the day after my payment is due..and don't stop until it's fully paid. I know my payment is late..I understand that. But I cannot make a payment if I don't have the money. Because of them, their harassment and outstanding late charges..I am now 3 weeks behind on my mortgage payment, and utilities. My credit has went from Excellent, to poor in a matter of months.

    Wells Fargo can kiss my ###. It's hard to enjoy a "new" (to me) vehicle...when you look at it every time to go to drive it and feel nothing but hatred towards the lender.

  • Ge
      2nd of Mar, 2010
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    I bought a vehicle financed through wf june 2007. They had my cell number and my employer's number, which was my boss' cell phone. In the first week I started getting restricted calls 4-5 times a day on my phone, which I didn't answer. I was working. At the end of the week my boss called me and said my bank had been calling him repeatedly trying to get a hold of me, but wouldn't leave a callback number. Embarassed and extremely angry I answered the next blocked call I got. It was wf. When I asked them why they were harassing my employer, they apologized for the inconvenience and informed me that we need to conduct a mandatory follow-up customer service survey... I said, I'm sorry... you annoyed my boss for a week over a survey? I was about to explode!!! I began to tell them how I felt about what they had been doing and they quickly hung up on me. Of course, I still have no call back number... That was in 2007. As of today, I've been laid off for a year. Haven't been a second late on 1 payment yet until today. My car payment was due yesterday. I answered a blocked call today, and when I asked who was calling with a "personal business matter for me" they immediately hung up. My dad, (same name) called me about 10 minutes later and said that my bank had just called telling him he was a day late on his car payment. Of course his expressing his opinion led to them immediately hanging up on him. I checked my bank acct online and they received my payment some time today. Not 24 hours late, and they were calling. I spent 2 hours on the phone today trying to talk to just 1 person there about this. As soon as I told them why I was calling, they hung up on me... every one of them. I'm starting another job next week. My first priority - get the hell out of that loan and never deal with Wells Fargo again as long as I live.

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