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Wells Fargo Auto Finance / total rip off on refinance

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I refinanced my 2007 truck with Wells Fargo Auto Finance...HUGE MISTAKE!! I dealt with a Robert D. loan rep who I have come to learn is full of crap back in Sept/Oct 2007 about refinancing my truck well I was approved but they jacked up my payment to over $500 a month! However, this Robert D. loan rep told me that I could refinance it again in 4 months and they would drop the payment considerably! All I had to due is make the 4 months payment on time and it would be refinanced in February and that he would call me in February 2008 to complete the transaction. In the refinance they also tacked on $900 extra to pay off some small credit cards he told me that would help me and my credit score rise in those four months. He said I had equity in the truck so relying on his "word" and good faith I did everything I WAS TOLD TO DUE BY ROBERT D. AT WELLS FARGO AUTO FINANCE, well guess what February came no call from Robert so I called he pulled my information and told me he couldn't do anything for me! I WAS PISSED!! He said the balance on the truck was too high, he's the idiot who told me I had equity in the truck four months prior. HE LIED TO ME!!! He continued to tell me to wait until I got my check from "Uncle Sam" to pay down on the balance then call him back to see if they could do anything for me. I AM SO MAD AND IRRATE AT THIS LIAR AND WELLS FARGO, they used me, they lied to me, and treated me like ###! They really don't care!! Since then I've struggled to make this $531 payment and have been late with it becuase I don't care and tired of worrying and each time a collection person has called me I tell them to shove it and they should call Robert D. as he put me in this situation as I relied on him the specialist to lead me in the right direction. I have called lenders and my own bank to try and refinance it and no one will because of the balance on it and KBB value is less then half of what the balance is so I'm stuck. Robert D. and WELLS FARGO FINANCE COMPANY SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES IN WHAT THEY HAVE DONE TO ME AND OTHER PEOPLE. I'm writing a letter to the Better Business and the Chairman of Wells Fargo. They need to make this situation right. Thanks for nothing Robert D. and the added stress and financial worries you gave me you are a heartless wells fargo employee!

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      2nd of Feb, 2009
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    Wow, the same thing happened to me back in 2004. I purchase my suv on 2003. They were nice asking me if I wanted to refinance and be able to fix my credit card depts and pay off. The girl told me located in California San Bruno, Wells Fargo Auto Finance that after 6 months doing this refinance I can refinance again as long as I pay on time. My payment got bumped from 400 a month to 659.40 a month. I told myself okay pay it on time. Which I did. Come after 6 months I get declined to refinance the dayam car with them. They are liars. I struggled paying with this truck since 2004. Bought the car at 19K and it is February 2009 and I still owe 17 thousand. I've been paying for dayam interest all this time at 12%. My husband loses his job so he was under unemployment. He was on and off a job for a long time, two years. He finally just gets a permanent position in 2008 of March. So there is a lot that I have to catch up, credit cards, car payments, all the pay day loans that I had to borrow and pay back family just to be able to pay this car. They rack up all these fee's because your late. They give you a chance for defernment for two months but that doesn't do any good. I've gone desperate for paying that I had to stoop to doing pay day loans just to pay it. I've even borrowed money from family. But all those borrowing had to be paid back. They are cold hearted when it comes to helping you. I mean come on they come on to you all nice when they want some kind of business from you, and treat you dirty after they are through with you. I can't believe them. I haven't been able to pay since November of 08. They keep calling and calling and calling hassling you to pay. But I've sunk so deep that I was basically not being able to feed my family because of this car. So I decided to do a voluntary reposession. But before deciding I tried to work out with them a payment in Jan 15, $300 and Jan 23 600. I tried to cancel the 600 payment on the 23rd because I just couldn't do it, but they said they couldn't stop that payment, that they were only able to move it on the 30th of January. I said fine. A couple of days before the 30th after going thru all the bills and what I was going to get paid. I was left with 0 money for two whole weeks. I told my husband we can't live like this. We decided to voluntarily repo the car. We call on Jan 27 and the manager at the collection department name Chris was such a nasty rude person. I told him that we can no longer afford in making this payment. To please stop the 600 that was going to go thru on the 30th. I requested to cancel that check by phone payment and I wanted to do a voluntary reposession. He was so unprofessional. He said we can't pick it up. I said what do you mean? I can't request to voluntarily repossess the vehicle. He said we can't pick it up. He asked why now? You've been paying for 35 months, why now? I merely said because we can't afford it no longer. I mean if you check the history we've been struggling and for the past year we've been late all the time. I mean that question is irrelevant. He doesn't know our situation, He doesn't know what is going on with our lives how we've suffered just to make payments. He had a nerve to ask why? The only thing coming out of his mouth was 5 word we can't pick it up. Nothing more. Like he was cold and had nothing else to say but sorry for ya! He was just plain rude. I said okay if you can't pick it up I can drop it off. He said we have no where for you to drop it off. I said I would like to voluntarily repo the vehicle. He said repo is a repo. Finally, he explained that they can't repo it because I haven't hit the 90 day mark which was in two weeks. I explained two weeks? He said sell the car. I told him I've tried and no one is biting especially with the economy right now. He said you can sell the car. I explained the car will not get sold in two weeks. I see where he was going with this. They didn't want to remove my 600 payment so I wouldn't hit the 90 day mark. So they can keep prolonging it. He finally told me to place a stop payment with my bank. Which I did. I explained to my bank the situation and they placed an ACH stop payment for 600 for me. And do you know what happened. $610 dollars was deducted from my account. Chris from Wells Fargo collections knew I was going to place a stop payment. So they switched the amounts from 600 to 610. I had to file a dispute. Now I incurred a negative 600 dollars from all this. I called wells fargo and asked them why they took 610. They said it was 10 dollars for check by phone fee. I explained that I don't recall Cathy ever mentioning about any fees or I think I remember her saying that the fees was going to be waved .No fees was supposed to occur. Unbelievable. I told him if you record conversation, and monitor it then I suggest you bring it on and let me hear the conversation between me and Cathy when the payments was being set up. I even kept the confirmation numbers. Nothing was said about 10 fees and she said all fees will be waved. If that was the case my first payment that was removed on January 15 for 300 should have gotten a fee, correct? But there was none? Why now with the 600. They tried to pull a fast one on me. I placed a dispute on that 610 dollars with my bank. How dare them do that. Wells Fargo Collections are rude, cold hearted, unprofessional, no good people. Never do any kind of loans with them especially a car loan or any type of refinancing. They lie to you and cause you problems. In the end you suffer for their money making scheme. They don't care about you they only care about what's in your pocket and how much they can cause you. They don't care about your situation. They won't even try to modify the loan to help you out. I mean come on! Greedy People and Greedy Bank. Rude and right down Nasty. I will always pass this to everyone that Wells Fargo is a No Good Bank!

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