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Wells Fargo Auto Finance / horrible company

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I really feel like after reading these posts that we need to do something about the way that wells fargo handles business (at least in the auto finance department - I have great customer service with their mortgage department & personal banking) the last year, my fiance and I hit a very rough patch with the purchase of a new home & then not too shortly after, we both were laid off. unfortunately, our car payments got a little behind.

We immediately called to let them know what happened and they said that they would be willing to work with us to make sure we stayed a float. i've never felt so insulted by a company in my life. they did nothing to help us except tell us that signing up for their insurance would lower our car payment - their car insurance is $150 more than we pay now. so we said no. ever since then, we've been trying to make the payments as best as we the last 6 months now, we've received over 364 calls from them. with every call, the person gets a little more rude.

We set ourselves up on payment plans and was told the calls would stop... they didn't. yesterday (4/12) was easter sunday - guess who called my home 9 times?! they started to call my fiances new place of employment so many times that they threatened to fire him. we told wells fargo to stop and the calls did not stop. they ended up having to change his phone # at work. I asked to speak with a manager after we made 3 months worth of payments in one month and the calls still continued... I was told the manager would do nothing to help me because we were 'irresponsible and immature.'

From day 1 - the first day I had lost my job - we made sure to call them to let them know our income was going to change. we tried our best to stay on top of our bills even with both of us laid off for a short time and stay in communication with wf auto finance and they still continue to use threats and call us liars. we were told we were 3 months behind, so we paid the 3 months as soon as we both got paid from our new jobs in one lump sum plus the payment for that month that was due... according to the calculations we've been keeping, we've paid more than we were supposed to... yet the calls still continue... every hour, every day... with threats & demands for money.

They keep no record of any past conversations - just a heads up. you could call 3 times in one day to this department and they would have no record. make sure you keep track of every conversation you have with this company and every payment you make. they are a horrible, horrible department.

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  • We
      19th of Feb, 2010
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    Please join me in calling Wells Fargo Auto and tell them how HORRIBLY they treat every day hard working Americans who are a month or two behind on their car payments. They threaten, harrass, tape and corner people into submission and have zero accountability. Furthermore, Wells Fargo Auto Finance is part of Wells Fargo Bank in SF CA who took MILLIONS of American TAX PAYER money to fund and sustain their business as many of us and our friends lost jobs and income in this recession.
    You can VENT your feelings by calling them at these numbers:

    These are active as of Feb 19, 2010. Wells Fargo Auto Finance seems to be in the business of shucking and jiving, ie.. you call one of these numbers, they 'record' you, and send you on to another number. It's all about getting around a 60 minutes moment. I ask anyone reading this to call, and ask them about their business practices. Ask them about the MILLIONS they've taken from us, the US taxpayer and ask them why the continue to harrass and harm the hard working or willing hard working American they call all day every day!!!

    Let's show Wells Fargo Auto Finance who we are!!!

  • Fu
      24th of Feb, 2010
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    the united states should start giving tests on people before they get loans, or even allowed to live in this world, too many dumb people going around, especially you, you people that write all this stuff need to get a education, you have no idea what your talking about, most of the things you discuss in your post are done by MANY finance companies, banks helped build the US...sure they can be a ripoff..but what isnt these days

  • Pe
      5th of Jun, 2010
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    You are absalutely right about the rude behavior of this financial section, after misrepresenting and flat out lying to people trying to perchase a nice afordible home for thier family, they abruptly caused a financial disaster that caused good people to loose thier jobs, homes and more, then they tryed to do it again and the gov. had to place an oversight commity (watch dog) to keep an eye on them, and after all that wells fargo have the gall to phone people up and ask for payments on time, when they were one of the top financial banks that caused good unsuspecting people to loose thier good jobs in the first place.I'm sure GOD will make them answer for thier evil greedy deeds on that day of judgement.

  • Vk
      3rd of Jun, 2016
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    I should have done my research! I recently refi my auto. Within a day the phones calls came in. First they needed my last two years of w2s at which I declined and asked why? I then called the corporate division of Wells Fargo Auto Finance and talked with a loan proccessor and he told me that they need that to sell other products of Wells Fargo products. I had already declined to sell or have my info sold within their company.

    One week later and several phones calls and messages. The local branch that payed off the orignal loan calls and needs me to have the w2s. I explained that the loan had closed. I asked him why he needed this since it was already approved and had closed. He said he did not need it for him personally, but underwriting needed this. Why can't these guys understand this?

    I will tell friends and family not to do business with Wells Fargo.

  • D
      3rd of Jun, 2016
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    Wells Fargo Auto Finance - horrible customer service
    Wells Fargo Auto Finance
    United States

    I have never seen such incompetence in a huge company such as WFAF-The customer service is awful to put it nicely. I have tried to get in touch with customer service on multiple occasions and no one seems to know what the F they are doing. I get passed from one department to another and I am tired of it. I can spend 45 minutes. I call one # and the lady tells me I need to call the # I just called. She says that there must be an overflow of calls and I got automatically transfered to her. So I ask if anyone there has a clue because I've called that # many times and it always seems to be a problem. Then when I ask her if I can speak to someone in charge she says she can't help me, I have to call the lease department. I just called and I got her I explained for the 100th time. The whole experience over the last few years is why the our economy is in the toilet. Beacause these people shouldn't be allowed to answer phones since they obviously don't know what's going on. WFAF should never be allowed to service anyone or anything. It's amazing that they are still in business.

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