Welcome Finance / Payment Receipts

Haywood Street, Waynesville, NC, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 828-456-7374

Im dealing with Welcome Finance On A Loan Im behind on Ive made numerous payments asking for a receipt each time ive not got a receipt yet. I think The Manager is ripping me off. Shes Taken me to small claims court I have no idea how much i ve paid other than my receipts She continously calls me wanting a payment. My family has spoken with an attorney about this matter. He tells us to sue her. Weve talked to the DA. The Waynesville N.C. Office is Very Nosey rude hateful. Take my advice dont deal with them unless you want to be talked to rude and hateful. I cant even Get a straight answer out of the manager as to my balance. My daughters is on the verge of suing the Waynesville N.C. office because of their lack of management. They wont give me an exact total of what ive paid them DO YOU CALL THAT GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE i dont think so. Ive yet to receive a receipt on what ive paid them with the balance on it. I THINK IM GETTING RIPPED OFF. Weve called the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU ON THEM. I Think they need to send me a balance as far as i know they could be pocketing this money.


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