Welcome FinanceScam and cheating!

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I recently applied for a loan from welcome finance, I was told that I had been accepted and the final agreement needed to be signed and sent back after a seven day cooling off period then the money would be released.Imagine my shock when I received a letter turning me down after all I had been accepted two days previous. I don't think they should tell you that you have been accepted if in fact you have not why do these companies get away with this, people think they have their finances sorted and then they are back to the start again.


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    poops Dec 19, 2012

    WF were dissolved 14/6/2011 and are now trading as Shopackeck, they were owned by the same people and all information points to using the same tactics.

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    JERRY BEE Sep 12, 2012


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    FAMalik Dec 08, 2011

    I applied for a loan with Welcome Finance in June 2006 for £5000 but they offered by £1500, which i took i had to pay back £140 monthly installment for 24 months. which is £3360 in total, that time i was in need so i didnt bother what i will be paying back. I just took the money, i paid them back initial 2-3 installments and then i went to their office and told them that i cant afford to pay this much, i can just spare £50 for loan repayment, i sat in their office for 45 minutes and then lady came back to me with another repayment plan and which is really horrible. according to that i had to pay over £5500 over 5 years time of period, i paid them 3-4 installments of £50 and then i changed my address and later my mobile number. they couldnt chase me on that. and after 2 years i received a letter in post from an xyz company saying that there is a private message for me. i rung that number and the lady on the other side was saying that i have a message from welcome finance, (it seems like that was a kind of detective company). I interupted her message and told her that I have moved back to my country and no longer living in UK, my friend living at this address called me today and gave me information of your letter/message. She said OK, then i never heard from them again and I lived on that address for more than 2 years and never heard from welcome finance again. My credit history was mashed anyway so no point giving them any money back. Yes I cheated but what they were charging was also not fair. If I still get a chance to pay them original amount, I will.

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    alison4279 Jul 16, 2011

    My husband took out a loan for a car back in august 2007 which was £8, 000, he had an ok payed job and he was payin £250 a month. He then was made reduntant i think 2yrs into the agreement, he found another job but bringing in less income so he asked if he could reduce the payments so he has been payin £160 a month after that.As he is self-employed money is never the same one month to the next and didnt have any work for a good month or so, he has got work now but wont get payed for another month so he had to phone them to explain his circumstances, and the lady on the phone said if we do not make payment within 2 wks they will take the car, my husband asked how much we owed on the loan and they said we still owe £12, 000 where they got this figure i do not know. And then told him he still has 99months(8yrs)to pay it back which we worked out would be nearly £16, 000 we would have payed when finnished and if we were to sell our car we would only get under £4, 000 for it, and probably not even that in 8yrs time. We are at our wits end and dont know what to do, these people are disgusting how they can rip people off, its stressing me out and my husband feels the same, he also has a heart problem and would hate for this to affect him, what can we do and where do we go for help???????

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  • Welcome finance are a bunch of cowboys.For gods sake, any of you out there who has any bit of sense left in you, please don t get involved with Andrew Brian screen!It's worse than having the devil on your door!BEWARE!

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    SJF Apr 01, 2011
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    I took out a loan with Welcome Finace in 2001. Due to various circumstances I fell into arrears with my repayments and Welcome added on more interest each month than my actual payments were. I have now asked them for a copy of my loan agreement and then tell me that because the loan was taken out in 2001 they are not obliged to have kept a copy of it even though the loan was for 10 years originally so would only just be over. I want to see a copy of the loan agreement with my signature on so I know exactly what I signed for but can't get. Does anyone know if this is correct?

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    Markti Feb 19, 2011
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    I also would like to know who I can complain to about this company?
    Back in 2008 I took out a loan with WF for a car needed for my job. All was well until I was made redundant in 2009, as I could not meet the high payments the loan was rewritten. Well this started all sorts of complications. WF messed up the direct debit payments collecting the wrong amounts and trying to collect twice each month which was the last thing I needed to cope with at that time. Since then I have refused to pay them by this method and have been paying by Debit Card each month, thats fine with them, the payment is the last day of the month. As soon as the 1st day of the next month arrives they phone all day every day demanding details for the next payment, in many cases leaving agressive messages on my voicemail. I have been away working for the last 2 weeks and again the calls have started, they call the house demanding to know what time I will be back etc when my wife answers the phone. Basically they have been down right rude to her. The on Thursday evening the doorbell rings and there was someone from WF standing on my doorstep demanding to know where I was. I have never missed a payment with them, this person was demanding bank details etc and the payment is not due until 28th Feb They had no ID on them and could have been anyone, all this was done outside the door in full view of neigbours etc. I was so angry that this has happned especally when I am not in arrears and been paying all along. I would like to make a complaint against them for this dreadful intimidating way they conduct their business.

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  • No
    nofrot Feb 09, 2011

    We used welcome finance for a car . we asked for a particular car - vauxhall meriva when wwe arrived at the gatage i was told that the meriva was sold. But low and behold as we walked around, there it was. i questioned the sales rep ( or dippy as i call him) about why we were told it was sold. He replied that it was being held for another customer( lying little toe rag). We were sold a nissan note for a ridiculous price but we could not get finance anywhere else. My wife drove the car home 150 miles. when we got home i realised there was no tax disc. I phoned the sales rep to complain and was told they never give out tax disc and he forgot to tell me( Is this illegal). Then we realised there was no car ariel, which then took 10 weeks to arriveafter several phone calls. Wwe have had to change all four tyres twice, the wind screen wipers, front head lights . We had a problem with the car horn and i refused to pay the installments until it was sorted only then did they do something about it. They sold us a duff car with no tax, not serviced, not checked by their mechanics for an inflated price - Who do i go to to make a formal complaint. DO NOT TOUCH THEM WITH A BARGE POLE.

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  • Lu
    lukiduki Feb 09, 2011

    why are these idiots still trading ????? ive been through exactly same with car finance ..same old story has every one else ..WHY IS NOTHING BEEN DONE TO STOP THEM ...

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    Big Teddy Toes Jan 30, 2011

    Hello, I havn't read all the post but some. I have a loan from Welcome finance, and have managed to pay monthly. Because of this they have not threatened or bullied me. If you take out a loan it is your responsibility to pay it back monthly. I have to say these guys have not caused me any problems, I think only once i defaulted because of some reason or other but they reasonably accepted a credit card payment. Even a high profile bank will ring you if you default on a loan. You need to keep up the repayments as the loan was given to you in good faith in the first place. If i had a problem with Welcome finance, i would be the first to complain, believe me.

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  • B1
    b155 Jan 06, 2011

    what a joke this company is, I have a secured loan with them which is ahead of the agreed payments, may car broke down this month so I asked welcome finance if I could delay this months payments NO NO NO all the idiot on the phone wanted to do was remind me it was a secured loan and when I asked if he wanted me to go without heating and food to pay him he just repeated it was a secired loan and that I should pay it
    What a shower of you know what

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    FIFELAD Dec 19, 2010

    I took out car finance with welcome some years ago. Got my new car 3 mths later timing belt snapped, they had supposidly done belt kit. Phoned welcome told them they will need to sort THEIR car as they said to me when i wanted to put bodykit on it. "NO YOU CANT PUT BODYKIT ON OUR CAR". They said basically its not our problem!!!. So i told them that they have 24 hrs to retrieve there car from my front door and guess what they never so eventually car got picked up by dvla and crushed due to no tax. They offered me a personal loan to which i took and it cleared the finance so now was due them personal loan, to which i never paid as it never entered my bank account so i took legal advise to which was told NOT to pay to which i never. I ignored letters and calls and this year got a letter from MKRR there administrators (into liquidation). I asked for a payment schedual to which WCF had written the debt off in june last year. Now they keep saying i still must pay this BULLSH*T, they keep badgering me but dont pay up their contracts are useless in court as i have asked and asked to go. They dont even register there cars as being on finance. They have went bust down the tubes.

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  • Ar
    ArthurP Dec 08, 2010

    A word of warning for anyone about to come to the end of an agreement with Welcome Finance...

    Two months ago I was about to make my final payment, by Direct Debit, which was about £10 less than my prior 35 installments. I was contacted by them and asked to switch the payment to a debit card transaction, because they couldn't alter the DD value and as such would have to issue me with a cheque refund. I didn't agree with their logic, but it was no skin off my nose, so I agreed.

    In the last two months they have repeatedly attempted (each time with my approval, don't get me wrong) to charge my card. On each occasion, Welcome request the transaction TWICE. My bank authorise it TWICE. And then Welcome fail to collect the funds, which ultimately arrive back in my account. Meanwhile, for a week I'm short in my account - not only the £200 I owe them but also the other £200 they keep requesting without my approval.

    They have made it very clear that this is all my fault, and that they have no obligation to contact their bank to get the situation resolved (I have, of course, contacted mine and got plenty of evidence of what's happening; Welcome at this stage won't even take the authorisation codes my bank keep providing me with). And in the meantime they've tried to add a string of extra interest fees and declined card fees and so on. One guy I spoke to at Welcome even described the extra interest charges as "nominal". Not nominal if it's not my fault, I'm afraid!

    I'm sticking to my guns on this, and won't pay a penny more than I was originally meant to, but I suspect this will drag on somewhat and wanted to send out a warning to others... If Welcome ask you to switch from DD to credit card payments for your final balance, DO NOT. You're better off waiting for them to refund by cheque! (Or you could ask them why on earth they can't change the DD - because of course they can!).

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  • An
    ananewman Oct 22, 2010


    I took out a personal loan with Welcome finance before I took my car finance out with them in 2007, they have just said that they transferred my personal loan to my car loan without my permission and without notifying me and now say i owe £300 extra!!

    Firstly can they do this??
    Secondly why would they do this?

    The lady I spoke to Annabel Morgan stated she did not know why they did this, she said she didnt know why they did this as their systems changed in 2009. I am really panicing and really angry about this as the way she spoke to me was as if I was an IDIOT?!

    She asked that i put in writing that i want the loan transferred off my car loan but if I didnt know about this in the first place should I do this? Has anyone else had this happen to them?

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  • Ca
    Catherine hope Oct 19, 2010

    I love the comment above^^^^^

    I have sucessfully claimed PPI backs from these JOKERS!!

    However... I sent my acceptance form back to their complaints dept - as instructed to! I sent this on the 5th of Oct. By the 11th Oct i had not heard a word from them. I called them on the 11th, spoke to some one who said, yeh we got your form on the tues the 6th Oct and "oh we need to confirm your bank details that you supplied", bank details confirmed. He then said, it will now take 10 days to process your payment. Eh, but hold on, they told me that they had gotten my form on the 6th and that it takes UP TO 10 days from the day they recieve my form!

    Needless to say - even after numerous telephone calls i am still waiting on this payout!

    It seems to me that it is soooooo easy for them to get money from us - yet when it comes to us getting something back they are dragging their heels and very well known for doing so.

    Back in april/may WF chased me for £5 - cos their very unprofessional made a mistake in obtaining a settlement for me. Once all this is settled and i have my PPI money back i am going to make a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman - dont want to throw anything else in the mix for WF at the moment as they will use any excuse to delay my claim for longer.

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  • Kc
    K Cassidy Oct 16, 2010

    I took out a car loan with this crowd of cowboys a few years back. I bought a Ford Mondeo that was supposed to have been given a complete check before being sold to me. Come the first M.O.T. I was shocked when the mechanic told me the thing was a "Bloody deathtrap". It cost me £1200 to put right, despite countless calls to complain about the car I was fobbed off everytime. The next M.O.T. was even worse, when the mechanic begged me not to drive the car anymore. In desperation I went to a local car dealer with a fantastic reputation for great service (Not cheap, but worth it for the peace of mind!) I told him my problem and he said he could help find me credit. I was paying £170 a month for the welcome finance car and after making a few calls, got me credit for a newer car over 2 years for only £88 per month. I once again phoned welcome finance to complain and was told that the best thing to do was return the car and call it quits. I wrote a letter to this effect outlining my intention to carry out their suggestion. The local dealer I bought my new car from was kind enough to allow me to store the old car in their yard until welcome came to pick it up. I cancelled my debit to stop them taking anymore money from me, and they then called me nonstop for weeks to force me keep paying for the car. 4 months passed when they finally uplifted the old car from the garage. A week later they sent me a letter saying if I did not start paying again I would have the car taken from me. I called them and told them they had the car and to stop bothering me. I have lost count of the amount of times they have called me since. They even sent a wee grubby [censor] up to try and scare me into paying. When I opened the door and he saw me (I'm 6' 5") he nearly wet himself, telling me that welcome had no doubt made a mistake and they would look into it. Since then more calls than you could shake a stick at. I told them I will only deal with letters so I have something in black and white to hand to my solicitor. Not a letter has been sent, but the calls continue, so I have developed a new new strategy to deal with them by playing with them...e.g.

    WF Is this Mr Cassidy?
    me No, he died
    WF He's dead?
    me Who's dead?
    WF Mr Cassidy
    Me When was this?
    WF Eh? I need to speak to mr Cassidy
    Me He's dead
    WF If he's dead who am I speaking to?
    me Mr Cassidy
    WF You said Mr Cassidy was dead
    me I'm another Mr Cassidy
    WF But not the same Mr Cassidy?
    Me Dead people cannot answer the phone
    WF Look, stop this nonsense, are you Mr Cassidy?
    me Yes, I told you so
    WF I need to speak to you about your account
    me That Mr Cassidy is dead, He's undergoing treatment for a sex change
    WF This is serious, stop messing around
    me in future I am legally to be called Miss Cassidy
    WF (Mocking voice) Is this Miss Cassidy?
    Me Do I sound like Miss Cassidy ?
    WF This is your last chance, are you Mr Cassidy?
    me No, I told you he's dead
    WF CLICK! The line goes dead

    What I would say is Do not go within a million miles of WF Try a local dealer with a good reputation you might just be surprised what they can do for you. They will not get a penny more from me, and I now look forward to their calls (They tend to be a lot shorter these days!)

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  • Ni
    nikki inns Oct 11, 2010
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    Verified customer

    nikki inns
    yes what a hopless company welcome are my hushand nearly dead in a accident in one of there car when a 18 year old girl wrote of outr cat 2 years ago . we had paid the short full insurance on the car so dealt with all the insurance company etc job done 18 month later i get some idiot from welcome on my door step saying we still owe 190 pounds but had no proof we owe this money . i made a complaint to the company and now say we owe 4000.00 what a load of cowboys they can go sing see you in court

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  • Ch
    Cheryl-in-Nottingham Sep 18, 2010
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    Verified customer

    I took out a loan with these 'professionals' as they like to be called...loan sharks I like to call them, anyway took out a loan with Welcome Finance 4yrs ago with my ex-partner, we split up so they reduced the amount but I stilll struggled to pay & ended up missing 4 payments, am now getting 6-7 calls a day everyday, even asking for him on MY PHONE & refusing to speak to me! Talk about thick as dogs**t!! Now when they phone, I always know its them as an unknown number comes up & they 1st speak I tell them that this is my name, my number & yes I am on the account living at the address for the 54th time this wk! They are causing me to be ill...I am epileptic & now am having more fits because of this. They are phoning his work & his parents who he is back living with. They treat there customers horrendously & should be on Watchdog...Anne will give them whatfor!!! If I knew before what I know now, I would NEVER have gone with these.

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  • On
    onedecapone Aug 19, 2010

    I took a loan from welcome finance, or should I say was tricked into buying a car from carcraft. Big mistake drove out with no road tax plus there was a fault with the carwhich tey said needed a service. ahh told me all this jargon on credit agreement didn't pay a dime on deposit. din't even like the car anyway was paying 217 pounds amonth thatsincuding ppi which i had never heard of sincebuying the car kept up paymentsfor two years out of 36 months couldnt keep u with payments. called to explain, but were rude. I SWITCHE D on them ignored their calls and letters. People it gets to a point you can only do so much. wecome finance are legalized robbers properply with connections in the goverment thats why they are still trading I ain't paid dime for over 6 months anf if they want the car lets go the court route which they don't want to here. people should not let these clowns bully them into paying IT YOU CAN'T PAY, YOU SIMPLY CAN'T PAY thats it they can't kill you at the end of the day. Welcome finance up yours.

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  • Ho
    horseman 2000 Aug 04, 2010

    Dont give up!!I have just successfully won a complaint against my local office after fully paying up the loan.They tried to say that there was compound interest left on the account and I argued with them that there wasn't, it went to the complaints team, and my complaint was upheld.Dont let anyone bully you into paying up, if anyone rings you at home or work just tell them that you will only deal with everything by post, no phone calls will be entertained.As long as you have enough evidence to back up what you are saying they seem to bow down to you.Good luck!!!

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  • Je
    jess - birmingham May 06, 2010

    Please please can everyone forward their complaints to the Financial Ombudsman Service - they deal with complaints just like yours and have many complaints upheld against Welcome (92%). You can even get compensation! If we all do this maybe we can change the way they trade or even stop them all together.

    We have been shackled to Welcome Finance for over 3 years now. It has been 3 years of hell. We first had a car that virtually fell apart and cost us thousands (we shouldn't have had to pay a penny as it was a Hire Purchase agreement which makes all repairs the responsibility of the H.P company, as they technically own the car). The car was so bad, we had a baby on the way and welcome refused to do anything, so we exchanged it after 12 months with Welcome- luckily this car has been reliable. However, after having the car for 6 months we ran in to financial difficulty and were unable to keep up with the repayments (£280 per month). We spoke to them on many occasions and found the staff to be rude and unhelpful. We ended up going to a debt management company. As soon as the company contacted Welcome, Welcome called us to say that they could reduce our payments and that we had to come in and sign a new agreement. We did so and reduced our payments by half. The day we signed that agreement they refused to give us a copy of it making excuses and promising that they would send it in the post. That was nearly 2 years ago. We have never received a copy of the agreement, nor have we ever received any annual statments. We knew this was wrong and have spent many an hour trying to obtain our copy and even trying to find out what we owe and what agreement we have. Eventually we refused to pay any until they sent us a copy. We offered to give them the car back so that we could end this and were told that Welcome are not interested in the car as apparently we are on a personal loan agreement totalling £10, 000. After this Welcome harrassed us beyond belief. They would call my mobile, my house phone and my partners mobile all day long. Our 'account manager' even told us once that he would put a copy through our letterbox, of course that never transpired. I think it was just a ploy to try and get us to pay. A couple of months after the harrassment started my partner fell seriously ill and spent some time in Intensive Care. One day when I came out of the hospital, there were 17 missed calls (in 1 day) from welcome on his phone alone. I ended up having to change all of our numbers. When my partner was well enough, we began researching and made an official complaint through Trading Standards. They upheld the complaint and ordered Welcome to provide us with a copy of the agreement. That was over 6 months ago and still no agreement! We are now going through the Financial Ombudsman Service and hope we can get this resolved. I'd be happy to give them the car back, I'd be even happier of they were stopped from trading so that more people are saved from this horror.

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  • Aj
    AJisaram Mar 16, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I took a loan out with these jokers in 2005 for £2, 000. i can't remember what the monthly payments were, but I think it was around £170 pcm.
    I was deeply in financial trouble, and 2k was just helping me out temporarily. I was so desperate at the time ( as most people are when they go to firms like this ) that I read no small print, just signed it and took my cheque.
    I kept up payments and got a very jolly letter about 3 weeks before Christmas, " Congratulations!!!, you've qualified for a top up loan of £500!!!
    I thought, 'ok, Christmas coming up' etc etc, so took an extra £500 on top of my 2k

    To cut along story short, I regret the day i ever stepped into their sorry excuse for an office. Like everyone on here, I've had the phone calls ( as many as 4 per day ) I've had the calls at my parents house, even though they know damn well i'm not living there. I hate Welcome Finance and everything they stand for. I hate what they have done to me and the pure anger they have caused me to feel.
    Where do they get their aggressive, arrogant, obnoxious, cocky and offensive staff from? They are a disgrace.

    My loan will be paid off in full by the end of April this year. Over 5 years to pay a 2k loan. I've not even bothered to check and see exactly what it's cost me, it's way too depressing to think about.
    All I know is I'll be rid of them for good and I'll advise anyone I meet to stay well clear of that shower.
    I'm sorry for everyone on here that has fallen victim to this company. I've never been a customer of theirs, i've always been a victim of theirs. I would throw a party for all of you if they went into administration tomorrow. Hope springs eternal.

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  • Sa
    sadiebernice Mar 12, 2010

    i wasgoing to make an offer to welcome finance of a lump sum for what nmy son owes
    they said they would look at it and see if they would accept my settlement but i said i was advised by solicitor
    not to well i see the contract. although this was solicitor on my
    household insurance only giving advice. but after reading the above
    i am glad i didnt. the interest on arrears is 1, 224 after reading allyour
    complaints i am starting to worry id never take finance out like this
    unfortantely my son has and i dont know what hes signed. he gave me permission to delve into it
    probably pay the arrears for him but i bet theres loads of interest added.
    theres no WELCOME here

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  • Sa
    sadiebernice Mar 12, 2010

    son took loan out with WF having difficulty paying we his parents wanted to
    pay a lump sum to have some written off. but i dont know whats to stop them coming after him years later. dont know if its better to pay his arrears and carry on with
    payment i hope they dont charge for phone calls as they have ring me loads
    has anyone been in this position. although they say they would close account for a settlement could they still persue him. anyone had experience with this
    help anyone

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  • Ja
    J & G W Mar 08, 2010

    Hi, am about to try and end the agreement we took out with Welcome for car in June 2008. Car value was under 8000 and took all insurances meaning total payable over 14000! Looking at agreement states that if you have no arrears and have paid at least x amount then can return with no outstanding cost. Tried late last year and they said had not paid enough at that point. Just want to stop paying and they can have their car! Only got about 20 miles from garage with it on collection and had blowout on motorway, when phoned them re payment for that the receptionist just laughed! If it was not such a worry that this will never end after looking at previous experiences with WF I might laugh!!

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  • Ha
    hacked off customer Mar 08, 2010

    My partner and i Purchased a car through Approved car credit. A Ford Mondeo, the finance was through Welcome finance.When we got the car the car came with no log book, we had the car for 3 months before the log book arrived paying £310.17 per month we took out the gap insurance and the insurance for major mechanical breakdown. When purchasing a car it has or is supposed to be checked a 360 degree check they let us take the car with 2 miles of petrol we filled up and were on our way. When we checked the car the tyres were all bald on the inside they had swapped them round. We in accordance to the rules and regulations had the car serviced every 6 months as required.After a while the car became troublesome and we took it to 4 independant garages w ho told us that the fuel injectors had gone. I rang WF and explained the situation and could we postpone the payments for 3 months until we could afford to get the repairs done. I was told that they could offer us a loan for the repairs to which i refused so i asked to terminate the agreement and was told it was not that simple as an RAC official had to come and inspect the vehicle to ensure that there was a fault i agreed to this as the insurance company would not pay for the fuel injectors. The woman at WF told me she would contact the VT desk..Imagine my dismay nearly a year after the initial breakdown we had a myriad of phonecalls a Repossetion vehicle dept rang me to say he was coming for the car to drive it away.I explained it was sorn off the road and he would need a low loader, he was not aware of this as he worked independently and not for WF. Eventually after months of phonecalls to WF and speaking to 23 different people who are supposedly employed by WF we had a result the VT desk still didn't know that it was VT we arranged for the car to be collected on a certain date at a certain time...It was a no show...4 days later the car had gone we were out and they had entered my neighbours drive and taken the car, we still had the keys log book etc..we rang the police and then the DVLA..we still had belongings in the car a few coats, jump leads, boots. tools etc..we have had nothing but trouble and harrasment from these cowboys and now they have past our outstanding debt to a debt collection company despite numerous letters to head office and dozens of phone calls...The car was fixed and sold on to another mug and was sold for 1k which was taken off our outstanding debt which has now dissapeared of the outstanding amount..we paid over 8k on repayments and now they say we owe 9k more plus phonecalls they have made to us at £10 a time sorry havent had any calls from them hence the time span to VT the car, oh and the owner before us got rid of the car because...the fuel injectors had gone so they botched it up and sold it on to us, the bullying tactics of WF are unethical innapropriate and unnaceptable...my case is now in the hands of a solicitor and the financial ombudsmen...I urge you to all write down times dates contacts etc...if anybody would like to contact me my e-mail is [email protected] Lets stand up for our rights...

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  • Ms
    ms i will take you on Mar 07, 2010

    i took on this mafia association with their bully boy tactics and won and intend to go further, ps. keep away from people offering to wipe your debt they are just as bad very similar to unwelcome finance!

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  • Sa
    sashadown Mar 03, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    to Carlyfarly, i would persue it against them. i took out a loan on my 18th birthday which i paid off, begininng of last year i had the bailiffs turn up at my door stating i still owed welcome finance money, i enquired in this (this was done throught the county court as they managed to get me in court and found out welcome finance had took out another agreement in my name. The signature on contract did not match mine. The court arranged for a handwriting specialist and copies of my payments ect. Came to the day of finding out the results of everything in court i received a letter off WF solicitor stating they had dropped the case as payment was upto date and cleared. To say i wasnt happy is an understatement my local court have advised me to claim against wf as this has gone on for a year and has affected my credit rating for 7years. Explains now why i cant get credit :(

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  • Cu
    curious_275 Mar 02, 2010

    Dear Graham Lancashire... can you sell a car on even though it is still under finance? I am having severe prob;ems with this company as I am still paying off a finance deal with them that I took out 4 years ago for £5, 600 at £230 per month and when I ring to get a final payment amount I am being told approx £11, 000... WTF?? I would love to just get rid of the car as I ahve asked them to come and take it and they are not interested as even they know the car is only worth about £1, 000 now if even that

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  • Ca
    carlyfarly Mar 01, 2010

    I am going throught the same thing. They are saying that I have signed a new contract and I have and they expect me to repay £10, 000 for a £3.000 loan, no way!!!. I have contacted trading standards so hopefully it will be written off!!

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  • Sj
    sj 1981 Feb 17, 2010

    I had a car off WF in Dec 2007, i paid all payments on time and the amount required, last yr i was out of work and on jobseekers, i called WF and explained the situation, ( when i origially took out the car i took out every bit of cover going including unemployment...or so i thought) I was told i never took the cover out!!! I asked them to take the car back as i couldnt afford it but they said they work out a payment so i could keep the car and freeze the interest until i was back in work... I have paid every payment on time and the payment they asked for.
    I had a phone call this morning saying that if i dont pay the due amount in full they will re-possess, so i asked to speak to the guy that did the agreement in the first place and i was told that particular branch has now closed and there-fore the guy probably no longer work for them...
    Thats two of their branches shut in the past yr...
    I have basically said f**k em, told them to take me to court as i have bank statements and payment receipts which prove i have paid what they and hung up...i will not be making another payment as they are totally out of order...



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  • So
    soilmec Feb 14, 2010

    i have a car with wf, i took it out in 2007, as i have had it for over half the finance period, i will be returning it to them, asap, i was going to exchange it with another car dealer but was told because i have £7k still left on it its not worth nothing like the amout i owe, i dont have a fixed dd with wf i just phone or one guy phones me every fri and i pay what i am sopposed to but for the last year i have being paying more than i should and then it comes to christmas and i dont pay them for the month and they sent letters saying that i have defalted i ask why can this be when i and you no i have been paying more than i should and that more than covers it but they still send letters, so im back on track with payments acording to them anyway, when i spoke to the guy this week and told him i was going to change the car he was more than intrested and asked to fax them the final payment price i thought ok, then he phoned me on fri and asked how i got on and i told him that the company advised me to hand the car back as i was leagley entilted to and be own no monie so thats what iam going to do, has anyone every handed a car back and could they advise me the best way to do this i want them off my back for good!

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  • Li
    libmai03 Feb 01, 2010

    we have a carloan out with wf and after reading these comments and having first hand experience of there bully boy antics can some one tell me if we have the right to ask them to take the car back and auction it subject to finance or not

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  • Ta
    Taza Jan 27, 2010

    I took a loan wit wf. It wz £1500. Montly payment of £110. I phoned their office jan 09, asked them wen m i going to finish my loan . The agent said (sep 09) . I stopped my direct debit at the end of september. i received a letter in nov 09, stating that i still have to pay them £1782. Its bcoz i missed 4 payments, and all the charges they have been charging me . An agent came to my house yesterday and told my wife that they will take legal action by taking my whole monthly wage. Can they really do that?? This company is ripping ppl off ... and they are making me sick

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  • Gr
    Graham Lancashire Jan 15, 2010

    I got a Honda Civic Aerodeck estate on Xreg from CONCEPT Cars in Radcliffe greater Manchester, This was financed by Welcome Finance, This was back in 2005/6 i maid regular payments of £264 a mth until i was made Redundant.I phoned Welcome at Blackburn was asked to go in and see them, this i did told them i couldnt afford to meet the payments anymore due to Redundancy.Asked them to take the car back and i would make payment at what i could afford a mth, Not Interested at all you keep the car pay what you can afford No Problem.Then i get a letter saying the amount of payments had been doubled so instead of 5yr it would be 10yr and that my interest had also doubled.
    From the day i got the car i was a liitle unhappy with it, i phoned Welcome and explained not interested at all, went back to Concept Cars, told them the faults not interested its been checked by 2 independant garages and everything was fine with it.12mth MOT when i picked it up, Hand Brake only worked on 1 side, Wurring noise rear driver side like bearing was going, Noticed rear driver quarter was slight shade different to rear door, The rear door on driver side didnt sit the same as pass side it was slightly proud.! previous owner so i wrote him, got pics and garage repair bills from Honda Doncaster, The car had been in a right smash, rear quarter driver side was pushed down that far the rear door was pushed open, went back to Welcome and Concept cars not interested.
    Now im waiting for a outside company to get in touch as Welcome are wanting £4600 off me, im willing to go to court with this see what happens their.The car has been sold again to a guy in Glasgow ive been in touch with him and he said the car had also been repaired on the front as the hinges on the bonnet had been welded not bolted.
    How Dody a Company are WELCOME FINANCE,
    Yours Disgusted Mr G.Lancashire

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  • Be
    being bullied Jan 14, 2010

    I have a loan with WF and they are F***ing ###, for a start the apr is so high no wonder you get accepted. We have a company based in cambridge where I live if you fail 2/3 payments they come to your door, no phone call nothing and they expect you to give them some money. I have been charged left right and centre with £10 phone calls that I never even knew about. I still owe £3, 000 and can't wait to get rid of this company they make you feel so vunerable. Last year when a rep came to my door I asked him to send me a D/D form so he can start taking payment that way, January 2010 still bloody waiting for the D/D mandate.
    * Welcome Finance * just be warned they are the worst loan company I have ever been with, and I would definatley call them ' loan sharks '.

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  • Aw
    AWills Jan 10, 2010

    I recently met an ex employee from Welcome Finance, really nice chap- probably why he's an EX- employee.
    I told him I had a loan with that company, and that after THREE YEARS of paying back a loan of £3000 (at £190 a month) and missing three payments I still owed the £3600!!!
    He basically told me to stop paying them! The amount they make from the interest of other loans more than makes up for the payments you miss, and they will never take you to court, because its not worth the court costs! After a lot of harrassment they will eventually stop calling and write off the debt!!
    So that's what I intend to do.
    I know this may not work for everyone, as for me the loan is unsecured and my credit shot to death anyway, so I have nothing to lose. Just thought it might be a releif to know - from the horses mouth- that they will never take you to court.

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  • Da
    Daxia Lasca Jan 09, 2010

    I took a loan out with Welcome Finance for £3000 in 2007. I then had severe post natal depression and was unable to work or pay it off. I then received a bill for £6000 - which they say was the amount including interest HAD I of paid the whole bill.
    In April 2009 I filed for bankruptcy - Welcome Finance were on the bankruptcy and were duly notified by my Official Receiver that I was bankrupt, and that I owed nothing.

    In December 2009 I decided I needed to sort out my credit file and paperwork, and "get my life back on track" - only to discover that Welcome Finance ignored the Official Receiver, and have on my credit file that I owe them £120000!! 4 times the amount I borrowed only 2 and a half years ago. They also claim that I am not bankrupt - depsite the whole going to court, official receivers and bankruptcy petition stamped by the judge!

    This company is working wholly OUTSIDE the law now. It is an offence to do what they are doing, and despite my Official Receivers writing to them again in December, they are still posting my credit file with defaults, and increasing the amount I owe them!

    Steer Clear of Welcome Finance - there is ALWAYS another solution to your problems

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  • Cu
    curious_275 Jan 08, 2010

    To MrsAngry1,

    You are an absolute credit to us mere normal individuals that have been bullied and harrassed by these group of ###s called Welcome Finance. I will certainly be taking your advice nad acting upon it... do you mind if I use some of your wording for my letter?
    Thank you again!!

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  • Mr
    mrs angry1 Jan 08, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    after having problems with this company/i described them earlier/ and the nonstopping phone calls and werbal abuse from their employees i sent my complain to FINANCIAL OMBUDSMAN and also few letters to WF and stopped any payments untill i get result from FO. also wrote to watchdog so please ppl do the same.The more people complaints to ombudsman and wathdog the sooner our disputes will be resolved and more people will be avare not to deal with this bunch of liers and cheaters.Do not comuunicate via phones only letters and if you do send tem do so via recordered post.this letter helped me to stop phone calls:
    Dear sirs,

    I am writing to express my serious concerns regarding the telephone calls that I have received from your company.

    I am now formally requesting that all further correspondence from any department be made in writing only.

    I demand that these phone calls stop immediately. I am familiar with the Protection from Harassment Act 1970 and I believe your harassment places you in breach of these acts.

    If you continue to call, you will also be in breach of the Wireless Telegraphy Act (1949) and, as such, I will report you to both Trading Standards and The Office of Fair Trading.

    Take further note that continued telephone calls after the receipt of a request not to call may constitute a criminal offence under Section 127 of the Communications Act 2003.

    You will be deemed to have been served notice of my request and I will deem it served by **/**/20**, I am advising you that any calls received after this date will be recorded with the intention of them being used as evidence.

    THan i sent another one stating that no payment will be made untill ombudsman made a finnall desicion on my case and also told them that i contcted watchdog. I have now had ''peace'' for more than 5wks. I have also heard that they tend to ''borrow'' your signature so any letters i send only has printed name and no signature. I do hope i have helped someone.

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