Weight Watchers On-line Subscription / automatic billing without knowledge

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I signed up for a 3 month trial of Weight Watchers last summer. I thought (obviously I was wrong in my thinking I admit) that after the 3 months my subscription would end. Or at least that I would be notified before any renewal or invoicing would occur.

Again, I was wrong.

The problem is that I rarely use credit cards. I only check my bills on-line periodically - which I did last week. I was shocked and horrified to find that my account was past due - with late charges! When I investigated, i found that they were all due to continuous billing by Weight Watchers.

To date, I have had a perfect credit history - I have NEVER paid late fees, nor have I ever missed any payments.

I am absolutely horrified that because of Weight Watchers, my good name and credit scores are in jeopardy. Weight Watchers refuses to refund or cancel any of it's charges.

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