Weight Watchers / non refundable monthly pass payment

England, Durham, United Kingdom Review updated:

Watch out, WW has just changed their cancellation policy for the monthly pass and you might end up like me losing 6 weeks worth of fees. No luck with emails, just terse referrals to the policy on the website.

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  • La
      2nd of Oct, 2010

    I agree. My montly pass expired Sept 17, 2010 and I wanted to end my membership. When I attempted to cancel on the 18th, I was told I had been billed on the 7th, was not eligible for a refund and might as well stay on until Oct 17, 2010 since I was paid up until that date. I was told I could not stop my membership until the next month. That just doesn't seem right.

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  • Li
      1st of Dec, 2010

    when I signed up last year sometime in nov.2009, I tryed the free week on the website and I decided this wasnt for me, I just got a book on counting calories so I cancelled and a month later I noticed they still took my money out of my account and I kept calling and kept cancelling and they still never cancelled my account or offered a com# this went on for a year and they over drew my bank accounts where I had to pay extra money. Last night I was in tears I added everything up and for 1 yr they cost me 664.00 plus tax with my overdraft fees and I spoke to the superviser and I told him what has been going on for a year and still no one ever cancelled my account nor did they ever email me or give me a com # to let me know it was cancelled. well the superviser gave me a com# and told me that they can not give me my money back, my hard working money.That money was never theirs and I did call and cancelle but they have no records on the computer of me calling or cancelling. They also told me theres no way of them finding out when the last time I was on the website using the calorie counting steps. I told him I dont believe that, they should be able to see who signs in on the weightwatchers account plus I only used it for that one week last year and I am so sure that me next bank statement will say they took more of my money out.They need to stop.They need to give me my money back its not theirs and never was. They lie and scam and can not be trusted and should be off the market.I am so sick to my stomach and I really honestly think they are doing this to alot of people and I am about to research it on my own and as a team we will sue them for every penny they owe us plus alot more. If there is anything you can do to help please let me know.thanks

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