Wegmanswegmans cut green beans (no salt added)

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We purchased the Cut Green Beans with no salt added from the Malvern PA Store on Dec. 18 and opened them for use on Dec. 18. Upon opening the can, we discovered what looked to be a piece of wood, approximately one inch in length, after emptying the can into the sauce pan.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Malvern, PA The stamping on the bottom of the can is "16AP181B 08:49 3400 GR BNS CUT". We had purchased 2 cans, and the other can (same stamping) did not contain any foreign matter. Unfortunately, we had emptied the good can first, and had to dispose of all the green beans. We wanted to inform you of this, in case other cans of green beans could be impacted as well.

Dec 18, 2016
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  •   Dec 18, 2016

    You do realize that green beans are a vine vegetable, like grapes, and have to be picked, right? The wood was likely a piece of the vine. That is not foreign matter. You wasted a completely fine can of beans.

    I am going to roll my eyes now.

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