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Hello on Wednesday March 1 I had my first horrible experience at Wegmans. The cashier at East Ave Wegmans register 14 around 9:30am was very rude to me. I even switched registers because she was very hostile when I asked her nicely if she could move the belt as I was putting my stuff on. I even took my stuff off the belt and moved to another register. When she questioned why I moved registers I explained I didn't feel comfortable and didn't want her customer service. She said "Whatever" That was not good customer service. I told the manager on duty but I don't know how it was handled or if anything was written up. The hostllity was very uncomfortable for me and to be told "whatever" was shocking especially coming from an older woman who should have known better. I moved to the register next to me and was treated with the respect I deserved and what I expect in Wegmans.

Mar 06, 2017
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  •   Mar 06, 2017

    Sounds like you can dish it out but not take it. I have seen so many times people walk up to an empty register and start putting their things on the END of the belt instead of at the front like a normal person, then demand the belt be moved. No, you act like you have some sense and utilize all that empty space on the belt.

    Next time, don't be a ### to someone working. Where do you work so we can come be your customer.

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  • Vi
      Apr 07, 2017

    @Wine Is Good You do realize most people have carts and it's easier to have the cart at the end of the register to unload it, don't you?

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  •   Apr 07, 2017

    I realize that when I approach a register, I turn my cart backwards and stand in front of it to put my groceries at the front of the register so that the person behind me can start putting their items on the belt. Are you saying that you can not do the same thing? You have to keep your cart at the end of the belt so that no one else can come into the line? Honestly. It is stupid to start at the end when the cashier is at the front and has to move the belt to reach your crap when you could be smart and put it at the front where they can get started.

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