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This is a review of the Pharmacy at the DeWitt Wegmans (Dewitt, NY).

The initial incident occurred on 5/8/2015:
I dropped off a prescription and was told it would take 10 minutes. I returned after about 20 minutes and there was a problem with how they put my insurance number in, so it was not filled. This was fixed, and the people that served me at that time were fine- nothing less than professional, apologizing for the wait. One of them told me I could wait in the waiting area instead of having to go back in line, and that the prescription would be ready in “minutes.”

I then sat in the waiting area for about 15 minutes. At that point I was not sure if they were going to call me to the counter or if I was supposed to check back in. At that time there was no one in line, and I walked up to the counter next to where “Chris” was working. She ignored me completely. Then, after someone entered the line, she called that person over and attended to him. She did this again for two other customers, for a total of at least 5 minutes. I finally said something to her – pointing out that I had been waiting there for 5 minutes (even though she knew this). She then said “Oh, I was waiting on them” and waived her hand towards the line. She then said “the line forms there.” I pointed out that I was told I did not have to wait in line again and only then did she ask me for my information regarding the script. She looked it up and said “it’s not ready yet.” At no point did she apologize for the wait, or ignoring me.

I sat down again and waited a few more minutes before she called my name. When she was giving me my prescription she said “I really don’t appreciate that language.” I do not know what she was referring to, as I did not even say anything to her at that point (and I am almost certain I did not use bad language, earlier, but may have said something in frustration after she ignored me for so long). Either way, she said nothing to me at that time – if she was so offended at whatever I had said, she did not say anything to me, then. In either instance I was nothing but completely cordial once she called me up, yet she brought up the “language” issues with me out of the blue- at that point. I responded calmly that she should concentrate on treating customers with respect, and not ignoring people which should be a priority over “language.” She interrupted me, saying “excuse me!” over and over again. She the then, without any cause to do so, insulted my mother. I told her she needed to learn manners and walked away, before telling her to never mention my mother again. I then turned back and asked her name and she smiled and said “Chris” but would not give me her last name.

I sent a letter to the manager regarding this, which was ignored.
As I am sure one can understand, I was quite shocked at her behavior and wrote a letter bringing this to the attention of [name redacted], the manager, who ignored the letter. So on 7/3/2015 I sent a letter to Danny Wegman the Chairman of the company. It was not until his office directed the Pharmacy to respond, that they did so- claiming that I had told them I did not wanted to be contacted in my first letter to them (which was an absolute lie). This was done, basically as a “form letter” which had no substance in it, whatsoever.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Syracuse, NY She stated something to the effect of “I will ensure that my employees treat everyone well, " yet nothing regarding talking to the specific person I was referring to.

It is important to note, that I did not complain about anyone else at the pharmacy – so why would I care if she lectured the lot of them about generalities? – also, I don’t want to subject the remaining good employees there to some lecture that they did not need to be told about. I even had a patient last week who had me fill a script for her, there, and mention how nice people are at that pharmacy. Obviously the person who I wrote the letter about was an outlier among the staff, yet Ms. [name redacted] did not seem to care.

I then responded to [name redacted] writing that she appeared to completely ignore any concern I had brought up. This was then followed by a cell phone message I received from a Mr. [name redacted], the Pharmacy Operations Manager at DeWitt Wegmans. In the message he asked me to call him to discuss the matter.

I was not able to call him back immediately, and a few days later, Mr. [name redacted] sent me a letter (which was obviously sent prior to the phone call he made). In the letter he was also notably defensive about the first form letter Ms. Stenuf had sent, noting that he drafted the letter for her (which started to make sense, as you will soon see). In the letter that Mr [name redacted] wrote, he said that they had all “followed up” with the employee in question about what had occurred and all agree “… your situation could have been handled better.”

"… could have been handled better."???????

Seriously? The employee I had originally written about had blatantly gone out of her way to shout at me, and personally insult my mother (whom she has never met). And all the Pharmacy Operations Manager can say about it, is that it “… could have been handled better”??

This was quite insulting to me (and appeared deliberately so at that) at that. I had literally considered filing a criminal complaint with the person who harassed me at the time, but thought better of it when I realized that she was likely unstable. However, I never dreamed that the management at that pharmacy would go out of their way to make matters worse when I brought it to their attention.

When I was able to call Mr. [name redacted], the call went to his voicemail, so left a message with my name and number. I was not able to pick up when he eventually called back. However, he left an extremely dismissive and rude message saying “this matter is closed, ” with a tone that conveyed the following “why are you bothering me about this?”
At this point I would like to point out that HE had asked ME to call HIM, in the first place!!

I sent a follow-up letter to Chairman Wegman with my overall impressions of the gross incompetence and extremely dismissive attitude of the management of the DeWitt Wegmans Pharmacy, however it appears that he has no interest in knowing how incompetent his managers are, as he ignored it.

Overall the management is extremely unprofessional and rude at every level at the DeWitt Wegmans Pharmacy. Clearly this is not an issue with "one bad apple, " but a systemic problem.

FYI, while I will never go to another Wegmans pharmacy again in my life, I still occasionally stop at the grocery - although with TJ's being in town I thankfully can do this a lot less than I used to!

May 05, 2016
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  •   May 06, 2016

    In my job, once you start with the profanity, you lose all credibility and any desire I have to help you vanishes. Sometimes issues arise in pharmacies and things do not run as quickly or smoothly as we like. Sometimes, we have to wait. Many issues can be resolved calmly as long as YOU remember that the people who work there deserve the SAME respect that YOU want.

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  • Da
      May 06, 2016

    @"Wine is Good"
    You have no right to lie about me and say that I did not show her respect. SHE disrespected me on several levels prior to any POSSIBLE profanity I MIGHT have used (and I seriously do not think I did - but so ahead and assume it happened if you want). In any case EVEN IF I DID, it was only AFTER she disrespected me MULTIPLE times and IF I did, it was NEVER DIRECTED AT HER!
    I am sorry someone disrespected you at work, and clearly that has made you sensitive. But this does not give you right to lecture me on showing respect to employees. Do not EVER lie about me and say I did something I did not.

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  •   May 06, 2016

    David, keep your comments in the complaint and not in the messages. You sent this same comment to me 4 times. It is no lie about you when YOU admitted to using profanity to the employee.

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  • Da
      May 08, 2016

    @"Wine is Good"
    It is exactly a lie, when you state that I did not show the employee respect. 100% a lie on your part.
    It is exactly a lie when you state that I used profanity, when I said I MIGHT have.
    You had a bad experience with a customer so you decided to jerk-off about it and blame me, as if I ever did anything to you. Then you decide to lecture me on treating employees with respect, as if I ever said anything but that, myself.
    NEWS FLASH: Just because employees should be treated with respect does NOT give them the right to disrespect customers.

    @"Wine is Good" in MY job, when you lie, you lose all credibility.

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  •   May 08, 2016

    Keep your response in the topic. Don't message me.

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  • Da
      May 09, 2016

    @"Wine is Good" - Don't message me, if you don't want a response.
    And just some words of advice: "Wine is Good" in moderation ... but perhaps not in the amounts you seem to consume before posting comments here.

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  •   May 09, 2016

    YOU messaged ME. I posted a response to your silly complaint right here in plain view where all could see it. Don't hide your comments in the message center who no one else can see them. Be a man and put it on here where everyone can see them. Or are you afraid by doing so everyone will see exactly why the employee treated you the way they did? Because based on your messages in my inbox, I sure can. You get what you give in this life, and when you treat people rudely you get treated rudely. You seem like a bully who gets off on harassing people you assume can not fight back. Well honey, I am not one of those people. And I am not your wife, daughter, or girlfriend. Talk that crap to them if it makes you feel like a man. They might take it.

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  • Da
      May 10, 2016
    Best Best Advice

    @Wine is Good:
    Please grow up. You have spouted enough of your lies and proven yourself to be a hypocrite, by virtue of the fact that you blatantly swore at me in your personal message (yet you don't do that here, hmmm ... I guess I am the one who is "hiding" my comments, lol?)

    For the record (because you are clearly a bit slow):
    1. Your entire premise is a lie. Someone was mean to you at work, so you start jerking off about me being mean to the clerk. This simply NEVER HAPPENED. Please learn to read before you comment in the future.
    2. Your pedantic attempt at posturing, is pretty lame. Clearly it makes YOU fell like YOU are a "BIG MAN" by doing this. All I did was point out that I will not be lied about by you, or anyone else.
    3. YOU are the one who started this exchange by lying about me in your comment. Why is it so hard to get that through your thick skull?
    4. You are in no position to bring up harassment, when YOU ARE THE ONE WHO STARTED THIS EXCHANGE!
    5. Since clearly your bruised ego needs this let me say: "I am SO SCARED that your are fighting back, you big STRONG man, you!" (feeling better? good :) )
    6. ... like I said before, perhaps if you remembered that "wine is good" but "a lot of wine at once" is bad - maybe you would think before you post a rude, obnoxious, inaccurate comment that is full of lies in the future.

    PS- If anyone reading this wants to know how much of a hypocrite "WineIsGood" is, simply see the attached screenshot I took of his personal message to me. Speaks for itself.

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  •   May 11, 2016

    I do not get where you think I lied about you. You sound like a toddler. You admitted to using foul language and that is what I mentioned. You are the one who needs to grow up.

    How about we post the entire exchange between us, shall we? The part where you initiated the messages. Here, I will do it.

    Inappropriate Comment

    David_SYR9th of May, 2016
    You have really proven your point well, haven't you?

    BTW, seeing as how you might be a tad slow, allow me to point out: that is what is called sarcasm ... (i.e. you are making my point).

    Just so we are clear! Good job! :)

    Wine Is Good9th of May, 2016
    YOU messaged ME. I posted a response to your silly complaint right here in plain view where all could see it. Don't hide your comments in the message center who no one else can see them. Be a man and put it on here where everyone can see them. Or are you afraid by doing so everyone will see exactly why the employee treated you the way they did? Because based on your messages in my inbox, I sure can. You get what you give in this life, and when you treat people rudely you get treated rudely. You seem like a bully who gets off on harassing people you assume can not fight back. Well honey, I am not one of those people. And I am not your wife, daughter, or girlfriend. Talk that crap to them if it makes you feel like a man. They might take it.

    Wine Is Good9th of May, 2016
    I am not the one who made the complaint about the employee. A customer can not show their ### and be rude to store personnel and then turn around and accuse THEM of bad behaviour. It makes you a hypocrite. Stop crying about it and grow up. If you do not like rude behaviour, do not show rude behaviour. I believe you have proven just who the fool in this story is.

    David_SYR9th of May, 2016
    Considering how you seem so offended that someone might have used profanity in one setting- even if completely justified at the time- by your own set of rules, it is clear who lost all credibility in this exchange (which you know you started when you made an inaccurate comment about the review).
    What is the famous phrase? something like "don't interrupt a fool when he is talking, he only advertises his own ignorance" ... well I am not sure that's exactly as it goes, but you get the point (at least I sincerely hope you do).

    Wine Is Good8th of May, 2016
    You are stupid aren't you? I can read, and you admitted to using foul language. So stop lying to yourself. And actually you DID initiate this exchange when you messaged me. SO [removed]

    David_SYR8th of May, 2016
    Get a clue and learn to read, perhaps then you will see.
    Stop lying about me and I will stop responding. I am not the one who initiated this exchange.

    -18 Votes
  • Da
      May 12, 2016

    (1) Seeing as how you made up a story about what happened to me, any person at any education level can see how you lied.
    (2) Thank you for posting our exchange to document your own immaturity. It speaks for itself.
    (3) I am assuming that this is your way of agreeing and apologizing, correct?
    Thank you :)

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  •   May 15, 2016

    Dude, how can I possibly have lied about you when you admitted to using foul language? I only repeated what you yourself said. And honestly, you call me immature when you are the one crying about someone 'lying' about you. Easy fix to this situation is to not show your ### in a pharmacy. Grow up.

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  • Da
      May 16, 2016

    @Wine is good:
    Tip #1: drink LESS wine before you post here, lol.
    Tip #2: Learn how to READ.
    Tip #3: If you are afraid of a response, then simply do not LIE in your assinine comments, or you will get one.
    Tip #4: Just because someone was rude to you, does not give you the right to assume other people are being rude to others and make ludicrous comments like "I bet you talk to your girlfriend that way!" ... beyond immature, dude.

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  •   May 16, 2016

    Here you go with the lie again. Jesus grow up. No one lied about you. You act like you are 10 for God's sake.

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  • Da
      May 16, 2016

    Anyone with half a brain and at least one eye can see how you complained about me and fabricated multiple lies about me supposedly mis-treating employees, as well as my girlfriend and mother ... none of this was based on my review and none of this was accurate. When I pointed out your errors, you continuously harassed and swore at me. I am not sure why you are so offended when someone defends himself against being lied about. That is what adults do. You are clearly the one who has a problem being "a man, " not me.

    +16 Votes
  • Ca
      Aug 28, 2016

    I love your store...just would like to know why you discontinued your Black & White tissues box? Your colors of the present tissues boxes are Gross.

    No other complaints:-)))))))

    Thanks much: Hope you bring back the Black & White box:-)))

    -8 Votes

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