Webroot Spysweeperavoid this company and its software at all costs

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Have you ever listened to a few bars from Monk's "Straight, No Chaser" played over and over and over and over and over and over (and over) 200 times? You will if you ever find yourself so accursed to need Webroot's alleged tech support. I did, because Spysweeper was rendering the application that I use to make a living -- Tradestation -- all but inoperable. Spysweeper gets in the face of many other applications as well, making the already terminally buggy Windows operating system even more balky, recalcitrant and menacing. Here's another fact about Spysweeper: search 14 billion web pages and you will be unable to find a way to switch it off. Try to get an answer from Webroot, and they will tell you to right-click the Spysweeper icon in the system tray. I did, but even then, Webroot arose from the dead overnight, initiating an unauthorized, unncessary and unwanted scan that froze my computer and prevented other critical apps from running. Incidentally, after being put on hold this morning for 50 minutes trying to reach Webroot's tech support -- I called at 7 a.m. when they first opened! -- I have now been on "Straight, No Chaser" hold for an additional 15 minutes, waiting to talk to someone about refunding me for the nearly three years remaining on my Spysweeper subscription. And now, after holding for 20 minutes for the refund guy, I am told that my window of opportunity for this expired 30 days after I purchased Spysweeper. End of story.


  •   May 04, 2011

    Hi Rick - I'm sorry to hear you have had so many troubles with your Webroot software. If you would please send me an email to [protected] we can help you fix these problems. Thanks.

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  • K
      Oct 25, 2017

    I have the issue of uninstalling following all their so-called Tech support instructions and I STILL get pop ups and it turns off my other antivirus. I go to the uninstall line form cortana it says there is no webroot at all but the pop ups continue and I cannot run any other antivirus. If I have to reformat to get rid of it, I will be even more intent on telling every single person I know to NEVER ever use this product. Money is already gone and I know it will not come back but this crap is like the worst ghost ever

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