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What a nightmare. I had an account with Interland and had a few problems but they fixed them in a timely manner. I had an e-commerce site with shopping cart, constant contact etc. I was able to put 500 pictures on at a time. When took over. My site wouldn't load with 300 photos on it. They told me I could only have 200 photos on it. They talked me into doing the Miva Merchant thing in October 2007. They renamed my old site as... and my new site was just .com. I went to take off my photos and put them on my new site. Well, they deleted my photos on my end but when you typed in my website you could see my site. I could not get into the site to make changes on my inventory. Mind you. They had no clue how to set up the Miva Merchant account. I struggled trying to set this up and finally gave up. Okay fine. when someone logged into my site they actually were connected to my old site. That was fine until I started running out of the clothes that were on there and people kept paying for them through Paypal.

Problem #2 - was charging me $105.00 for my old site, which was down on my end and $79.00 for my new site which was not even a working site. They were talking out an auto draw from my charge card. So I canceled the auto draw and got behind about 2 months. They called me and told me that I could get a refund if I made a payment of $79.00. I told them why should I make another $79.00 payment when I've been paying $184.00 a month for 2 non-working websites?

Problem #3 They agreed to give me back my money on the site, which I was paying $105. per month for. When they told me what my credit balance was ($470) it was for the Miva Merchant site that was $79.00 per month. Then they drew out $158.00 for 2 months of web hosting that I was behind on. WHAT WEB HOSTING??? THAT IS WHAT MY COMPLAINT WAS.

I opened a ticket and told them I wanted a full credit for both sites dating back to October. This totaled $1104.00 and for them to cancel my website. They closed the ticket and said that they were sorry that I didn't want to be a customer any longer. And if I had any other questions to reopen the ticket. I tried and my domain name was gone so I couldn't get into their site to reopen the ticket. I called them and guess what??? I have another open ticket.

Since October, every time I opened a ticket, they would close it and not resolve the problem. I kept calling tech support and they were all from the Philappines and had no clue what I was talking about. They would turn the ticket over to tech support and said they would get back to me within 48 hrs. Nothing ever got resolved they would just close the ticket again. I would reopen it and they would close it.

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      23rd of May, 2008
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    Closing tickets is something techs do very well. The part BEFORE closing them is not.

    I got so sick of explaining that my "new ticket" I just opened was actually not so was the same ticket being recycled over and over again!

    The crack tech guys almost had me convinced that I was truly inept and/or that my PC was faulty. I cannot get my mail to "migrate" on a reliable basis from the web server to Outlook on my PC. Apparently, I am the only person in the world with such a stupid problem!

    A few weeks ago, I finally heard one tech guy saying "We don't support Outlook. You'll have to call Microsoft."

    Call Microsoft? Yikes!

    "Have YOU ever tried to call Microsoft?" I asked.

    He said something about having a special number, but of course, he wouldn't give it to me.

    I simply cannot cope with their inability to fix such a diabilitating, long-time problem AND having to fight their lack of English skills while doing it. I've paid up through June 19, which I may never get back. However, I'm just hoping it doesn't take me any longer than that to get them to stop charging me an outrageous $14.98/month for ONE email website!

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