Weathershield Windows / Failure of Product

WI, United States

Weather Shield windows are failing all over our townhome complex, and instead of standing by their warranty, they're honoring the supposed "unlimited lifetime" warranty at only 50%. I posted this photo on their Facebook page, only to discover that instead of addressing it, they simply deleted it. The windows where the seal has clearly malfunctioned resulting in moderate to severe condensation between the panes. Others have fallen decorative elements, as seen in the photo below. Apparently this window isn't even covered at the 50% level. So, our retiree and fixed-income residents will have to find some sort of solution to their terrible windows. How pathetic, that WS can't even answer a complaint on FB with any sort of customer service. Instead, they just yank the post. There are many other websites where I'll be posting their terrible customer service.

Weathershield Windows

Feb 18, 2013

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