Wawa / food tampering

13109 Bustleton apt b 24, Philadelphia, PA, United States

On the morning of Christmas early, @7 I went to grab three premade breakfast bagels all sausage egg cheese off a filled register side rack of about 15 plus various other kinds of breakfast sandwiches croissants etc. I get home where I live down the street and open two of the sandwiches and there is clearly body or in my opinion pubic hair as a topping .mind you I frequent wawa at an embarrassing rate I love Gatorade and my fiance the freestyle.machines .in any case I furiously went right back out the door assuming such an affront to the customer on a holiday which I am supposed to be enjoying eating overpriced garbage, would be enough for any solid manager to apologize at least three times and not just reimbursement but give extra if possible, well she came out and I even politely said to the.manager can we speak as to be a bit private, I showed her she said she was sorry offered me only money back for one and offered me another sandwich handing me three dollars and not even reiterated that under her watch her employees who must be miserable took it out on a lifelong customer but i am also a first class trained closely and intensely by the best or one of the largest pharmaceutical corporations customer service myself so I know certain procedure and or alerting language to get what an irate consumer deserves which she began to be ignorant to at the point she only gave the money back for one as I told her I bought three and had the short sighted mind numbing stupidity to offer me exactly the same thing most likely made by the same disgruntled pubs pulling pervert but even further left the rack as is and I know for sure cause I went to retrieve the other two sandwiches with short curls on them as well and this time She only reimbursed the cost.of the tainted food and the rack was not thrown away at the second visit I noticed I even apologized that I know she don't want the hassle but it's disgusting and it's a holiday where my baby boys are waiting for breakfast and could have given me and or my family a disease with their despicable cowardly revenge for having a decent job .bottom line I was offered no other compensation the other food the same time on same rack was sell even to the very next customer and furthermore I reiterate I have to run back home and retrieve the other two tainted sandwiches to get the refund only and on that second visit not a word was uttered. I took video of the contamination and most likely tampered with product and called wawa customer service and was only offered an insincere sorry and the assurance a manager will call me back that's it no coupon no sincerity to a lifelong customer the employees recognize and insult me and didn't take my word that I had two more same way and insult me by only ask in u can have a different one from the same batch, blows my mind how shifty this manager was acting or lack of action and awareness of what if any food tampering could lead to legally as.well as in this day and age become a.problem ie chiptole esp very truly starting my Xmas out shifty and I don't wanna shop there ever again .The employees are generally smug and ignorant as well as lazy and always terrible body language. So as I've said since I know what real top companies do In potential bad press situation I have faith I will see some satisfaction considering the factors but man am I surprised a manager didn't nip it in the bud, time to upgrade the training cause they lost my business and plan to take this to the point of satisfaction just like the employee who reached in their pants and tampered my and children's food cause they aren't at home or whatever they were passed about well now they did it to a person who knows who to and how to make a large conglomerate have a worry the fda better business bureau the social network will all have to be made aware wawa don't care about the attitude they serve with or the product quality and integrity of keeping lifelong customers coming back they are busy counting money .so disappointed and had it happened a few years ago a physical altercation would be in my reformed mind still an action to consider since the part that hurt me most was the manager laughs as I'm walking. Away fuming and that's my fault for.dealing with a distant operation where the employees appearance is pretty bad and homeless are allowed to beg outside regularly . I remember the store that gave courtesy cups of water on hot days that's not wawa anymore

Dec 27, 2015

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