Wawa / customer service complaint

Plymouth Meeting, PA, United States

I am filing a customer service complaint I visted your storr before 10am on 6/19/17. My ticket number is 637 I ordered a sandwhich... Particularly a custom honey smd turkey pa with applewood bacon...
I noticed that a few other people were served before me.. Although I placed my order before them... What was very disturbing to me was the fact that they never called my number 637 out loud so I could pick up my sandwhich... Other people orders there number was called out to br heard... So after waiting for a while.. About 10 mim tops... Next thing I know a african american young brown skinned woman made the comment...". Your sandwhich has been sitting therr for a while"... I responded... You never called out my order number... What was even more distrubing was that she had a big smile on her face after I told her you never called out my order number for me to pick up my sandwhich... I just want you to know that I worked customer service jobs in my past... Whereby I know how important it is that every effort should be made to please customers when attending to the customer needs... So they will return to the store again... Thats is good for revenue to be made for the company... Unfortunately because I had an uncomfortable experience such as I written in my complaint I will not visit wawa no more... Ill take my business elsewhere people like her with an attitude like that should not be working in customer service... Or your company


Jun 19, 2017

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