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After I talked to the customer service agent on the telephone for over 30 minutes, I was told that I would get a refund for one complete sweatshirt that was placed on back-order and then never shipped, plus a shipping refund of .84cents twice. I don't think a credit in the amount of $2.11 adds up the cost of the Black NBA Sweatshirt that was never shipped because you were out of stock. I ordered these items for a X-Mas present for my Son & my three Teenage Grandchildren. When I ordered the Four NBA Sweatshirts I was told that they would be delivered before X-Mas. The sweatshirt I had to re-order was delivered December 28th, 2006. (Three days after X-Mas) My original order less the black sweatshirt was delivered January 2nd, 2007. (Seven days after X-Mas) When it was all said and done, one sweatshirt that I had to re-order because the Black X-Large was placed on backorder was never delivered. Furthermore it was not on backorder, you just simply didn't have it, and notified me via email 4 days later and said it was not available. Trying to reach a customer service agent for the great Walmart is almost impossible. When I finally reached a customer service agent today January 26, 2007., she was rude and tried to cover up the entire issue of trying to solve my problem, and never did explain why my X-Mas order was not delivered on time for X-Mas. She also kept saying they were "T-Shirts" not "Sweatshirts" and was very rude each time I corrected her.

You would think a customer service representative would know the difference between a sweatshirt and a t-shirt. Another thing that I don't understand why you ask for all the information such as a phone number, address, etc., etc., because according to your customer service agent you only use emails to notify the customer about a problem.. Why don't you just ask for an email address, because that is apparently the only contact you use with the customer. I could complain for hours about my complete dissatisfaction with this entire ordeal, but I will not. I was a K-Mart Store Manager for a long period of time, and if I would have treated my customers like I was treated, my District Manager would have fired me on the spot. I think I have no alternative at this point to contact the President of Walmart and let he or she know about my complete dissatisfaction of this order.

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  • Tr
      5th of Oct, 2007
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    I wish they would clean up the carts blowing all over the parking lot.Woodward,ok You need a mgr

  • Da
      9th of Oct, 2007
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    Hey guys,on Sunday October 7th,2007,my car was hit in the Walmart parking lot at Walker Springs in Knoxville, TN, somewhere between 12:00p.m. and 1:30p.m.I called the police, and as suspected,couldn't do anything but take a police report, giving my I.D. and car insurance information, which will cause my rates to go up, when they find out,so I decided not to file one. I went back in the store to see the outside cameras, so that I could find out who hit my car, and they refused, claiming that they needed a warrant or official order from the police. So,the next day,I called the Knox county police, stating what Walmart said,and as expected, they wouldn't help me,because I wasn't robbed, or my child wasn't abducted. They (police) advised me to make a hit and run report,and file it to my own insurance.I'm not doing that, just so my rates can go up (it's a Pontiac Firebird and is already $140/month). As lowdown as this person that hit me was, I'd like to take a moment and let people know that Walmart is even lower. All they would have to do,is just take a moment of there time to allow me to see the 1 1/2 hour of tape needed to find the culprit, and then file a police report against that person, but no, they claim their video cameras are for private use, not to help justice in any way. Anyway, f the person that hit my car ever reads this, I want him/her to know that I forgive them for what they did, but I pray that God keeps them from ever doing this to another person, and if they do, I hope they get caught in the act.

  • Ma
      15th of Oct, 2007
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    I have been shopping with you for the past 10 years I believe. I have a credit card account with you which at this point I do not know what is going on. I have attempted to use my card for the past three months and it does not work at the register. for the past two months I have made purchases with other credit cards when I've been told i have credit available in my card. This past Friday, October 12 i shopped at your stocoton Superwalmart. Since the walmart card did not work I had to use a providian credit card. This inconvenience has thrown my budget off since my purchase was over $200.00 To make matters worse on exiting your security clerk became very rude,confused and just plain harassing me because I could not find my tag. I was treated like a criminal. I asked your employees questioning me to go back with me to register 19 to the clerk who had charged me. The clerk was not there, she went on her break. The manager who had assisted me,(not very helpful before and somewhat rude continued to show rudeness. I have spoken to you phone service about changing my address to no response. I have not received my statement for the past two months and called the number on the credit card. Still no response to my request. At this point I do not know where I stand with you and my account. I would very much like to continue to do business with you. As a teacher for the past 20 years your store has great items and prices. But I am very very humiliated upset and distraught as to the way I am being treated. I'd be most appreciative at a quick response to this matter.

    Thank You,
    Martha Tachiquin.

  • Wi
      16th of Nov, 2007
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    My complaint with Walmart started several nights ago, in Paris Tennessee. We are working on the new bowling center, trying to get it open by Thanksgiving, and we are working in the neighborhood of fourteen hours a day, everyday. By the time we get off work at night, there is no place to buy the things we need for the job the next day open except Walmart. Since we are working out of town we depend on this service center for all our tools, groceries, miscellaneous hygiene items, and clothing since we came unprepared for the cold snap that came through here this week. This week alone, we have spent more than $500.00 at this store and the night time security man that watches the door, was the rudest man I have ever had to deal with. Since I bought a bagful of saw blades and a half inch drill the other night, the cashier didnt demagnetize the tools and the alarm went off as I was leaving the store and since I was there as soon as I got off work and hadn't cleaned up yet, he thought he was a real Barney Fife. he accused me of stealing something even though I had my register receipt. When I showed it to him, he wouldn't accept that I just purchased the things. I had to wait until he checked everything in the computer and verified each and every item. I was so mad by the time he went through the list, I had to just take my stuff from him and walk out! The next night, I was back in there, because I didnt really have a choice,to buy a new pair of boots. The next day, the fastener that holds the string popped off the boot so when I got off work, I went to the motel to get my receipt so I could take them back to exchange them, but the maid apparently threw the receipt away, but I went there anyway to explain the situation. I told the lady that I had just purchased them the night before, and that I just wanted to exchange them for a new pair but she said without the receipt, she wouldnt do anything, that I was just out $59.00 If this complaint just sits here and I don"t get any kind of reply, or satisfaction, I assure you that I will never shop at Walmart again and I am very influential and affiliated with numerous shoppers and will do everything in my power to stop purchases at this business. Thank you

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