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Walmart / falsely advertise price match guarantee

1 Rombach AveWilmington, OH, United States Review updated:
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This evening I went into our local Wal-Mart (Wilmington ohio) with a Target ad. Target had some movies on sale that I wanted to purchase as Christmas presents for my family. I got the movies took them to the checkout with the Target add. The front end lady called the manager to ask if it was alright. She came back with I have good news and bad news. Im allowed to price match for those movies but I'm not allowed to price match the Target add because it's over 30 miles away. Well the nearest Target is 25.8 miles from our Wal-Mart. So of course I asked to speak with the manager. I have had them price match a Target ad more than once. At first the manager said there isn't a Target within 30 miles. Once I had my husband mapquest the nearest Target he then changed the story to "we dont and wont price match Target"... then he changed his story again and said well if u want to come back tomorrow and ask the electronics department manager you can. I asked him how is that possible when the Target add is over tonight at 11pm. "Not my problem" I called the Wal-Mart customer service hotline. They were no help and gave me the district manager's name and a phone number. I have had nothing but problems at this Wal-Mart. I was assulted by a Wa;-Mart employee 4 years ago and it took me a long time to go back. Just when I feel more comfortable going back to this store the rudeness still remains. I asked 4 different employee's what the manager's last name was and nobody could tell me. They only knew him by his first name. Not one person including the manager could tell me the policy either. It has been advertised on television time and time again. This is false advertising. I asked the manager who they do a price match with and he said only the ones in this town. That just happens to be a grocery store. This is unreal. I could understand it if the store I wanted them to price match was 50 miles away but it was 25 miles away. Less then a half hour. Also when I told them I was going to contact the local news paper and television stations they didn't care. However you look at this its false advertising.
When a store advertises something they should have to stick to their end of the deal. And it's a training issue when not 1 employee including the manager can tell you what the policy is. And a huge training issue when not 1 employee knows the manager's name.

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  • Ja
      30th of Nov, 2008
    +1 Votes

    So sorry that you did not get your way. I also price match with Walmart and have no problem.
    However, their policy is if the store in question is within a five mile radius of their store (so I have found in other blogs). That is when they will price match. Even 25.8 miles is a stretch to ask for in my opinion. I can't blame you for trying though.

  • Ne
      19th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    True, price matching can be difficult since the price varies for region to region. That maybe causing the Target to sell for a lot less than Walmart. But i suggest you should have tried a Walmart that is closest to that Target you are specifying to get your price match.

    But i do not like when employees and managers try to lie to me and make stupid reasons and keep changing answers.
    But it is Walmart's fault for not advertising the radius issue for price matching. These days businesses are trying only to make quick cash and get attention through false advertising.

    Lets c if soon we have a law to protect consumers from false advertising.

  • Mr
      23rd of Apr, 2011
    0 Votes

    Most Walmart's will only price match for stores in the same town. People used to come to my line with Cub Foods ads and I had to tell them no. There isn't one in Winona, only in La Crosse and Rochester, both of which are over 30 miles away. It's not false advertising, if you take time to look closely at their policy, I'm sure it says something along the lines of "local retailers".

  • Ka
      8th of Aug, 2015
    0 Votes

    I was able to used ad match stores within 50 miles, than a week ago new manager in San Jacinto ca said I can only match in my city. This is wrong. Why do they make up own rules and change policy without notice. I price match because I did not want to drove far, I guess I do not need to go to Walmart to aid match since they will not aid match in other cities

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