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Walmart / lube shop

1 Wichita, KS, United States
Contact information:
Phone: Unknown

I left my Ford Econline conversion van at the Wal Mart Tire and Lube for an olil change on April 30. When I returned I found a large side window had been smashed completely out. There were glass fragments in the back seat and window area. I was exhausted from sitting at the hospital with my very ill husband and I did the "woman thing" and started crying. I said something to the effect that I didn't need that as my husband was in the hospital. A "manager" appeared very quickly. There had been a rather nervouos feeling when I paid my bill. It was almost as if he was ready to face me. Some of his first words were, "You were upset and tired from your husband being in the hospital and you didn't notice it". They insisted it had been broken when I brought it in and I hadn't noticed it! Their insurance company (check them out on the net and see how the federal government got them for ripping off their employees on worker's compensation cases) closed the file just 6 days later. I got a letyer from the administrator of the assisted lilving where I was staying while my husband was in the hospital. She said she saw no broken window that morning. After I had visited him I had loaded my power chair in the van and "parked" it right by the back seat. There was no broken window. Once i started drioving the van the tradffic noise was horrible and glass began blowing around. I filed in small claims and Wal Mart brought a security tape to court. It was very questionable but the judge ruled for them. I asked for a copy in court and they said no. But the judge awared me a copy. I really need someone who knows something about such tapes. I know it wasn't broken when I took it in. As it is a conversion van the window is going to be almost $500 whic is my deductable. It's difficult to find someone to work on it. I've spent a lot on gas etc. pursuing this. It has been a horrilbe experience. I'm not up on my internet payments so I'm not on line and go to the library to use theirs. Are there any class action or other law suits available? This has been humiliating and stressful. I'm disabled and my husband is fighting cancer. I tried to clean the glass up but can't get it all. I'm worn out physically and mentally. I had fought them successfully once when they torqued my husband's wheels on his truck to tightly and they had to be cut off. From reading the complaints I must have been fortunate to have gotten them to make that good (it wasn't easy as they tried their dirty tricks I see in the net stories. Please if you have any information that might benefit us especailly in regard to their security tapes, please call me collect at [protected].

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