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Walmart - Statesboro, Georgia / Hartz And Harper's / rotten american beefhide rawhide chews

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Hartz and Harper's

I purchased a 2 pack of the beefhides at the Walmart store in Statesboro Georgia. When I went to give them to my pets I discovered that they were rotten, not just a little rotten but completely spoiled, the smell was sickening to say the least. It looked like raw chicken blood had been basted on the chews and simply decayed there. I sent an email to Walmart to complain and ask them not to carry the products anymore or at the very least to check there pet products to be sure that someone's pet is not killed or made ill. I wanted to send Hartz and Harper's an email of complaint but discovered that neither one has an email address for complaints. Obviously they don't want any record of complaints against them to show up on the internet.


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  29th of Jul, 2008
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Lady... this stuff is SUPPOSED to stink... that is what a Dog likes... the intestines of a canine is not the same as yours... god designed it to eat tainted foods... what do wolves, coyotes & foxes eat????? Ole Roy?
let Fi-Fi be a dog and enjoy his life here on earth...
Thank you Wal-mart for stocking this Item... if you remove it from the shelf please send it to me and I will pay full price plus all shipping cost.
  6th of Aug, 2008
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We buy these faithfully every week for our Westie. He has a sensitive stomach, but loves the Harper's American Beefhide retriever rolls. We have purchased other brands and he will not touch them. Rawhide stinks. There is no way around that. My guess is that either you got the one bad one or it smelled bad because it is a rawhide and you MISTAKENLY thought that it was rotten. These things come in clear plastic wrapping. Check them better next time or tear a little hole in the wrapping to be sure that it doesn't smell bad.

And I highly doubt that someone's pet would die from eating rotten rawhide. They might have a little diarrhea or vomiting, but they won't die. Stop overreacting and grow up. They aren't going to stop selling the bones in their entire chain because YOU had one bad experience.
  8th of May, 2009
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Thanks a lot lady >:( The chicken flavored ones are SUPPOSED to stink! Now walmart has stopped carrying them! Check the country of origin on everything else they carry. It's ALL from other countries. And I am too worried about poison and disease to give my dogs something from CHINA. I'm now having to order this off of the internet because walmart was the only place in town that carried them. You've done all our dogs a great disservice.
  26th of Apr, 2012
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How do you feel about walmart in statesboro
  26th of Apr, 2012
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Don 't you just love going to the walmart in statesboro

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