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My complaint is simply bad service with a representative named Michelle. I did not have a good experience at the Trenton walmart portrait studio because of her. Normally I go to the Belleville portrait studio however I live in Trenton so I tried the Trenton portrait studio instead.
I have spent over $1000.00 in pictures for my daughters first year, including buying the "smile card" which entitles me to 1 free 8/10 per month, and rarely do I turn down the "delivery package" that comes with the pictures I ordered.
I went to the studio and asked to not have any pictures taken on my daughter's tummy because I wanted the picture to show her dress. And her reply was, "sorry I have to do this pose." So I let it go and let her do her thing. A week or so later I received a call asking me how my session was, so I explained to the lady what happened during the session, that I wasn't happy with the poses she was doing, nor that she wasn't trying to make my child smile for the photos either. After I said that, she asked if I was offered a CD of the session, I also was not offered to buy the CD for that session either. So I logged that complaint and made an appointment with a lady named Wendy (whom I've had in a previous session that went really well - she knows what she's doing). Then today I received a call saying that Wendy couldn't make the appointment scheduled for tomorrow because of a family emergency and was asked if I would like to keep my appointment and just have another lady do it. I simply replied "no, I would not like to keep the appointment because the last session I had didn't go well." And the lady on the phone replied, "yes I heard that, and it was me. Could you tell me what went wrong with the session?" I said, "sure. The problem I had with the session was the poses, I said that I didn't want a certain pose and you said that you had to do that pose, and..." (was about to say that she didn't try to make my child smile for the photo, and didn't offer me a CD) But she cut me off before I could finish and said "well you don't have to buy that pose, I mean I was giving you options to choose from. Would you rather have two poses to choose from?" And as she continued to talk her voice got louder and louder and more snide, so I just simply said fine I'll go to Belleville next time, and hung up the phone.
Because my appointment was cancelled for tomorrow I decided to go get my pictures from that session as they were ready to be picked up (even though I didn't receive a call telling me they were ready from the month before). So I went in to get my pictures and Michelle was on the phone saying that this girl she called was going to belleville from now on because she was crazy, and that she (me) had told her on the phone that I had a problem with her taking too many pictures and laughed. She was saying all this standing at the front desk smiling at me (not knowing that I was the person she was talking about).
So needless to say I will NOT be using the Trenton Walmart Portrait Studio EVER again! And once my smile card is expired I really don't think I will be using the walmart portrait studio again period. She was rude and inconsiderate, and did NOT handle the situation like a customer service representative should.
I am EXTREMELY angry at her and now because of her, the company as well.
Thank you for your time, and I really hope this situation doesn't happen again to a customer let alone a paying customer again.
- Lindsey Morton

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      13th of Mar, 2012
    Walmart Portrait Studio - Poor service/
    Walmart Portrait Studios
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    I took my son in for his Sr. Pictures, while she was taking the pictures, I asked about them touching up a huge zit on his chin. She told me "I can't do anything here, but they'll take care of that for you." So, I spent over $300.00 on pictures that half of them look terrible. The only decent ones were the ones where his face was partially covered. When I went in to pick them up today, she showed me the pictures, I asked why they weren't touched up and she said "we don't touch up pictures". I replied that she told me they would she said "I never told you that". My son, his best friend and I were all there and heard her when the pictures were taken. Since I've already paid from them, I guess I'm screwed. Needless to say I won't EVER go back to Walmart picture studios.

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      19th of Mar, 2012

    Hello to the the PictureMe Portrait studio customer in Mansfield Ohio. My name is Darla Earhart and I am the Senior Director, Customer Experience of CPI Corp. We own and operate the PictureMe Portrait Studios, and I would like to apologize if your portraits were not what you had hoped and for any inconvenience that you may have experienced. I can help you with this! Would you please email your contact information to [protected] with Mansfield OH in the subject line? I will watch for it and get back with you right away. I look forward to hearing from you!

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      14th of Apr, 2012

    Tasha, do you ever smile?

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      15th of Apr, 2012

    Actually it IS her job to make her smile, or at least ATTEMPT to, OR I'd even accept a nice attitude toward children. She didn't even do that. And when the child is supposed to be looking into the camera, and I'm in the picture with her, how do you suppose I make her smile without looking at me? Hmm, someone doesn't have kids, nor an understanding that you cannot look more than one way at a time.
    And I did contact higher up than she was and the corporation, which probably won't do anything but hopefully it helps in some manner.
    And Tasha4, you are not telling the truth, how does "Maybe your child was upset because you are the mother and you are abnormal" have ANYTHING to do with the complaint? You can try to stir up drama whichever way you like, but you sound very inexperienced and unintelligent.

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      8th of Jun, 2012

    As a manager at a wal mart portrait studio i have to tell you, its not an easy job. We do need to do certain poses and yes we get hell if we dont. If you were to come into my studio I would tell you I need to do 9-12 distinctly different poses. If you choose not to purchase them thats ok. If you told me your not fond of a particular pose i would save that one for last. We are required to make collages and specialty products for each and every customer, even if you tell me you only want the 7.99 package. Why, because some people can not imagine what their picture may look like all together on a collage of specialty product. We try our best to make sure your happy when you leave and that we have gone over every single thing with you. Now that being said... yes this particular staff member was wrong for talking on the phone in front you, it was wrong even if she wasnt talking about you.

    I dont understand tho why you would not return to the staff member you were happy with... i have many customers that will only come in if I am working. Does that mean other staff can not do the job, no it doesnt but when a customer gets comfortable with someone they tend to think everyone should be like her. I work hard to please my customers, and will do what i can to get them the best price possible and thats why they come back to see me.

    Also, each studio is different. I call my customers to let them know their pics are in... many studios do not. Many studio's go into detail about the smile saver card.. obviously your doesnt not.. you can actually get a free 8x10 more than once a month. each time you go in you can get it... read the card, and the fliers that are there. You need to inform yourself and ask proper questions.

    all in all... no one forces you to choose what ever pictures you have chosen, and we dont force you to swipe your debit card. If your not happy with the session, dont purchase anything.

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      8th of Jun, 2012

    Okay, you didn't quite understand, I hope. Because if someones kid is sick and gets sick when put on her stomach, you're still saying to do the pose? Would you like to clean up puke when the mother says she WILL puke as she was sick all day? And also I wasn't saying that I wouldn't go back to the person I had a good experience with... When the lady I had a BAD experience with called and said that the lady I had a GOOD experience with was not available because of a family emergency, she asked if I would like to come in for her (aka the BAD experience person)... I said no because I had a bad experience with her, and she snapped.
    I have went back, I just won't go back to her, or that certain studio. I go to a studio that's a little farther away, but I'd rather drive that extra bit and get GREAT customer service, than go back there and get bad customer service.
    And with the pose again... She mainly focused on poses on her stomach.. Did about 3 or 4 poses, then did 3 other poses sitting, including sitting with my brother. So the majority of the poses where on her stomach, and no I wouldn't just buy a ### photo, no one forced me to "swipe my debit card", there was one good pose, and that was one of the ones where she was sitting with my brother.
    Oh and I found out later on that apparently she wasn't supposed to give me the delivery package for free and she did. So she must have known that I was the person she was talking about on the phone once she seen the photos.
    But thank you for your opinion, but I think you read some things wrong.

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  • Wh
      13th of Nov, 2013

    Omg!!! Same happened to me!!! Woke up my niece with her cold hands, picking poses she wanted to do not what we wanted to do !! Didn't make the baby smile at all, made her cry!! After waiting for ever when she was done all the poses she wanted to do, we had to wait for an hour to pick the photo we wanted because she had to help all the ladies behind us first!! Would never go back because of that Michelle!! Horrible customer service!!

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