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Walmart Of Shawnee, OK. / nasty store

Shawnee, OK, United States Review updated:
The store in Shawnee is so nasty, we don't want to shop there, I could not believe the floors and the nasty shape the store is in, It looks like no one takes pride in the store, We have never been in a store that looks like that before, someone needs to take control and clean up that mess, where is the management there, Sleeping? If the store continues to be that way we will shop elsewhere, and I'm sure others will agree with us that the store needs cleaned up.


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  28th of Jun, 2009 Agree Disagree 0 Votes
what are you smoking??? that's not true at all. that statement is 100 percent false. the store is corporate, meaning all of them do pretty much the same thing. their floors are not dirty, the store is not nasty. every store does the exact same thing... you should get your story straight and quit making up lies that make you look ignorant.
  26th of Jan, 2010
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The main thing that I notice about all stores whether a Wal-Mart or another superstore is the bathrooms.
These stores will use their employees to clean their bathrooms when these same people don't clean their
own bathrooms at home.

This is mistake @1. The stores make more than enough money to hire professional cleaners and should do so.
  11th of Mar, 2011
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I'm not sure what Lee is smoking. More times then I care to recall I have been appauled by the filth of the Shawnee Wal Mart. The employees are rude and very unhelpful. It doesn't matter if you complain or not...nothing happens. There is a man that works in the paint section that I have complained about twice. I've been told by others that many complaints have been given on the same fellow and he is still there. It is obvious the management of this particular store could care less.
  11th of Mar, 2011
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and yes i know it's spelled appalled... typo
  28th of Jun, 2011
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This is a pathetic store and its store manager Chris
  22nd of Jul, 2011
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Chris Nelson, who is not only two-face, deceitful, and conniving pathetic store manager but also who doesn't provide sales for the losing store. He is the reason almost all except few lower managers lost their jobs beacuse of his wonderful leadership skills.
Upper Wal-Mart mgt must love him so much that he is keep get out of things. Or maybe he is blowing some trashy supervisors so bad. If he provide something for the store then I would say good job but he is such a pathetic professional liar...I pray that someone looks into his deceiving work...
  19th of Jun, 2013
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Also they have rude, ignorant cashiers. The store is nasty and they make no attempt to clear it. Have they not heard of the customer is always right...
  11th of Oct, 2016
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Most mornings, I would get hot food before 9am. Now, the lady moved to a different area, food is not even started until after 9am. This really sucks. Oh ya, one day I had to ask Kenny to change his gloves. He went from dirty sink to serving food. GROSS

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