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Walmart / horrible customer service

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Where to start with this wonderful company...Lets go with the East Town one first...On Oct 24 2008 I recieved letters home frommy kids teachers they were having Halloween Parties so I figured I would go to Wal mart and get chips( had to get other items as well) Well they had they 22 bags of varity of potato chips on sale like 3.50 instead of the 5.98 so I grabbed 2 enough for both kids classes I get to check out and they are ringing up higher I point it to the cashier...She calls managment this lady in her mid 50's came over I explained to her the price... She told that she would give me 1 at the 3.50 but the other for 5.98...I said Iwill show you where it says 3.50 ...She told me that it was not in her job discribtion to go look I could take it or leave it...She was being so rude mademy kids cry...I told her I wasent buying nothing from there and my total was already 256.00 and still everything hadent been rung up... Here are my 2 kids crying cause of her tone and to top it off she called security on us! We hadent done anything at all how embarrisin so I called the next day to speak to someone over her they assured me she would be talked to!grrrrrr...I never went back to that walmart agian...

Ok on with the next...Clinton HWY... I ordered my sons b day cake 3 weeks in advanced...A hot wheels birthday cake...Itold them I would be there to pickit up May 30 at 12pm...well I go at 12:15 pm topick it up the old lady in the bakerytoldme it wasent done and his party was starting at 1:30...So I went back at 1 pm and tried to pick it up well she toldme I was blowing hermind and when she got the oppertunitiy she would make it... Itold her how long in advanced I ordered it and his party was in 30 mins told me wasent her problem...ok had to call everyone and tell them it would be later another hour passes shes finished! Its hot pink =[ and doesnt look like what I ordered I asked the lady what was this she said I made a mistake and grinned ugh I asked to speak to the store Manager and got another run around and was pretty much told they couldnt do nething about it and I was talking about that lady's attitude and he said there busy u must understand...so I love Target forget walmart Ihope they go bankrupt


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N  27th of Jun, 2009 by 
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ok, now I am reading or trying to read your posts( which is hard to read, because you don't proof read) I can see some mistakes, but ###ing gee wiz..go back to school fat ###!

First of all, what you wrote about Walmart, some may be true, but I doubt if all of it is. And you should have called corporate, they would have done something about it. I know for a fact
N  27th of Jun, 2009 by 
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Screw Walmart! and armywife your the fatass!! FatASS!! HAHAA
N  27th of Jun, 2009 by 
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LMAO! sorry far from being fat. but I bet you are along with that other ### fatass! ...HAHAA HAHAA!
N  1st of Nov, 2009 by 
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armywife why dont you get a job instead of posting comments about people supposedly being fat how does someone making a complaint about wal-mart automatically make them fat? Is it because it had to do with cake? If so that is the most idiotic thing I have ever heard..even if it doesnt have to do with cake what you say is still the most idiotic things i have heard. And why do you broadcast that you are supposedly married to a soldier? Do you feel special? I am in the Army and so are multiple family members but i am not making screennames saying so. Also, you sound about 14 years old. No one over the legal drinking age uses "LMAO" or "HAHAA HAHAA!" like a child.

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