Walmart / fourth bad experience.

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First off, I usually use my debit card at Walmart, but the old one has just expired, and I got my new one yesterday. I forgot to activate it before I went to Walmart today, so I decided to just write a check there. The computer prompted to see my driver's license, which I know isn't the cashier's fault, which is why I will be calling my bank later today over that. It is just the way this checkout girl, Tamara, asked for it.

First off, she was a VERY rude girl to start with. She never even greeted me, and her asking to see my driver's license was the first time she even talked to me. She did it in a very rude and condescending voice too, acting like she was some cop or something. I also wrote the check for $50 over and she shut the door without giving me my change. I had to stand there for almost 5 minutes waiting for a CSM to come up and open it for her. I didn't even bother any further with her. I just went up to the CSMs afterwards and reported her.

I have her name. She was very rude to the people in front of me also. She should not be working with the public AT ALL. . My husband works in home office and I will tell him about this incident. Surely she will be fired, she did not know who she was dealing with.

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  • Br
      1st of May, 2012

    "Surely she will be fired, she did not know who she was dealing with."

    Wow, just...Wow.

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  • Mr
      1st of May, 2012

    Not yet, but family comes before employment. If my husband really did love me he will fire them from the other three bad experiences.

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  • He
      1st of May, 2012

    You have some massive ego. My father is a district manager for a large retail chain and I do not expect any special treatment when I shop there.

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  • Gr
      2nd of May, 2012

    This complaint is probably fake but my first thoughts were wow, what a self absorbed ### the OP is. I would be rude to you too just because your massive ego and feeling of self importance. You sound like some spoiled whiney child when they don't get what they want.

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  • Bu
      15th of May, 2012

    What kills me, is that in your first complaint to Walmart, you got your panties in a bunch because the cashier dared speak to you, and NOW you complain because the cashier didn't say anything to you? WOW.

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