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Walden is a money mill!!! Dissertation students need to watch out!

I've been working on the first 3 chapters of my dissertation for 3 years because at every step my chairs have been stalling me. I thought that it was just that my chair didn't know what she was doing, so I asked for a new one. This second one gave me the ok on all areas and then when it was time to do the rubric to move to URR, he failed me on 5 areas. How does one fail the areas this very same instructor helped them to write and ok'd a few days earlier? It appears that the strategy is to stall the student for as long as possible in order to milk more money from them. Even when there is nothing wrong with your proposal they find something to change just to keep you from progressing too quickly. The professors say that walden makes new requirements every week. Well if that's true, we will never finish a degree there because we will have to revise constantly and never get to the next stages of the research.

I had to withdraw from the program because I felt like I was getting nowhere. I wasted too much time and money with nothing to show for it. I want walden to refund my student loans for this dissertation that they kept dragging out. Their business practice is not good because they took money and never delivered on a product or service. I am not a happy customer and feel that I have been scammed. All I wanted to do was better myself and thats why i stuck with the dissertation for so long. I feel that walden takes advantage of thesis and dissertation students. They must be exposed so others don't get hurt.

I want to join a class action law suit against this school. There's power in numbers and we can try to make Walden accountable for it's wrongs. Reach me at [protected]

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  • Rl
      Jan 04, 2013

    There is certainly not enough to go on, and it would need to be evaluated from both sides. It always amazes me how people jump to "I want my money back" and "I want to sue", because they failed something. Where has personal responsibility gone? This only seems to happen at for-profit schools. Traditional universities "fail" people everyday, and students have to jump through lots of hoops. Welcome to academia. Instead of bashing a school and trying to get your money back, why don't you work with them to see what you need to do to finish and accept responsibility for it. We all fail sometimes, so there is not a grand scheme that all of the professors and the school are in on to bilk you out of more money. By the way to admit my bias, I am a doctoral student at Walden, and it is hard. They make you work for it, but I have had a great experience. Not to mention, the professors are top notch, many of whom also teach at traditional universities.

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  • Wa
      Apr 19, 2013

    hahahahahahaha...hahhahahahahahahah...hahhaha you keep workin at that "RLM01 hahahahahah...the program is set up for failure...they won't let you finish because there is strong economic interest. A former faculty member told me they are paid each quarter per diss student, so the longer they keep them the more money they you keep on believing that you're going to finish..hahhahaha

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  • Me
      Oct 13, 2013

    This has also happened to me. I had 4.0 in my masters program and went though the first part of the PhD program unassisted. When my dissertation started I was guided by my committee for 1.5 years on the proposal only to have it rejected by the URR. twice. This is three years dangling at the end of this program. One committee member told me I was citing journal references incorrectly. He could not tell me the correct way, nor could my chair who simply said it was terribly complicated. My manual uses a font that is similar for italic and regular so that was no help. The writing center woud not respond to the question. I need up paying someone to tell me it was right in the first place. This stupid thing cost three weeks. I could go on for 50 pages of this kind of thing. This is the tip of th iceberg.

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