Walden UniversityLack of help to progress--delayed finish

I am in the DNP program. In the program, you cannot start the doctoral project until your final year. During this year, all of us in my group have been told that instructors have two weeks to respond to submissions. My professor has literally been on vacation the entire month of December. All 15 of us hoped to finish but there is a huge bottleneck of who gets the projects submitted. ONe or two of 15 may be able to graduate, and the rest of us in this class (with no instructor for one entire month, and no break in tuition because of it) are trying to progress. I do realize that the doctoral projects are long and extensive, but when one small change is requested and the two weeks are dead time for minor changes, there is no way that even half of us could graduate. This has me concerned that it is a predatory financial practice, and a way for the University to add money to the program.

Jan 25, 2015

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