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Wachovia Bank / common thieves

1 VA, United States Review updated:

Wachovia is an evil institution that employs some of the most ignorant dimwits I've come across in years. I had a checking account with Wachovia for the specific purpose of keeping my money separate from the money of an organization that I was affiliated with. I never overdrafted my account, not once. After I parted ways with the organization, I left a balance of $1.15 in the account.

Nine months later I get a statement in the mail that tells me that I am overdrawn by $3.49. It says that I was charged a $5 "dormant account fee". The same day I receive the statement I receive a phone message from Wachovia. I return the call to Wachovia at the number provided and speak to a cordial woman who tells me that she can refund the charges and close my account if I wished. I informed her that I did want to close my account, and she said that she would do that. I heard her clicking away making notes to my account. She also informed me that because of the timing, I would probably receive another statement with another $5 charge shortly before I received a refund check for my original $1.51 balance and a statement showing that all of the fees had been removed and the account had been closed.

Indeed, about a week later, I received a statement showing another $5 dormant account fee and a balance of -$8.49. About 15 days later I get another envelope from Wachovia, but it is neither a check nor a statement reversing the charges. It was a collections notice for a negative balance of -$48.49. It seems that Wachovia charged me an overdraft fee on top of the dormant account fees. Seriously, WHEN did this jacka** bank decide that it was a good business practice to steal customers' money instead of simply issue a check in order to close a dormant account?????

So...I call Wachovia to find out what the problem was - why my account was not closed and refunded as promised. After being switched FIVE TIMES to the wrong department I finally got to a competent human (lamentably without much power) who was able to actually investigate the problem. She agreed that there was indeed a problem, but it was one that she could not fix. I asked to speak to her supervisor, who I refer to the dumbest b***h I've ever had the displeasure to speak to. She told me that I should have taken care of the problem when I first discovered it, and I should just take responsibility for it and cough up the money. "You should have visited a financial should have called customer service..." Hello, B***h?! I just finished telling you that I DID call and I DID take care of it, YOUR bank screwed up, NOT ME!!! Ugh!! I asked to speak to her supervisor. She assured me that there was no one else in the bank who could help me, that she was the final authority in account services. PLEASE!!! I GOT TO YOU IN ONE TRANSER!!! YOU'RE BARELY A SUPERVISOR!!! She told me that there was no record of my having spoken to anyone about my account. After hanging up with her I spoke to someone else at Wachovia who said that they COULD see the call.

Anywho, I filed a dispute at the collection agency (which the bank refers to as their "recovery department") and was told that I would receive a resolution within 30 days in the mail. It's been about 2 months and I've received no resolution, but I have received a collections notice from a brand-spanking new collections agency!

These [censored] are going down. I've not yet figured out how, but trust me, they WILL refund my money and stop this collections [censored]. This is not the first company that's tried to screw me.

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  • Gu
      5th of May, 2009
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    Im sure the dormate fee was stated in the documentation you signed when you opened the account. The bank did nothing wrong and it is perfectly legal, I agree they probably could have handled it better. Id pay the amount you owe before it gets any worst.

  • Dc
      8th of May, 2009
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    Guy -

    Actually, there was no mention of a dormant account fee in my original paperwork. According to Wonder-Bank, it was one of those "...may be altered at any time with or without notice..." deals. The fact that it is legal does not make it ethical, nor does it make it a sound business practice. This is one bank that should just be allowed, if not encouraged, to fail.

    I will not pay them a single cent. For the amount in question, it can not get any worse. It has already hit my credit report. I will fight them for the next 7 years if I have to, until they can no longer taint my credit report with their nonsense. I've done it before, and it worked out just fine.

  • Gu
      11th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    im just going by what ive seen, they do sound like a ### bank

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